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List Building Tips for Podcasters

Whether you have your own podcast or you are getting interviewed as a guest expert, one of the great benefits you’ll experience is building your email list.  In order to have the maximum number of listeners opt-in to your list, you need to have a killer landing page with the following elements:

1. A simple URL.  At some point during your interview or podcast, take the opportunity to direct listeners to a clear, simple URL.  Remember, most people are listening while in the car, at the gym, etc. so they may not have the opportunity to write down what you are saying.  Make it logical, short, and easy to remember.

2. Text message marketing.   Text message marketing makes it easy for people to opt in. I recently started using to provide listeners with a keyword to text which brings them to a landing page on their mobile device.

3. An awesome free gift. Your landing page should entice listeners with an awesome free gift that will make them happy to opt in to get it.  This should be high value content that will give them a taste of the knowledge and expertise you have to offer, which will ultimately drive them to your paid services or products.  Take a look on the right hand side of this post to check out my free video series “How to #RockthePodcast from BOTH Sides of the Mic.”  Your free gift could also be a white paper, courseware, free ebook, or other medium for your content.

4. A short form to capture essential data – Have you ever gone to a landing page for a free gift and the form makes you fill out way too much information?  How annoying is that?!?  The longer the form is, the less likely people will fill it out and the more likely you will miss out on subscribers.  Keeping the form as simple as just requesting their first name and email address can be extremely effective.

But why not make it super simple and just ask for their email address? Gary George, founder and CEO of Blazin Multimedia, explained that while forms capturing email addresses often result in more opt-ins, forms that capture both first name and email address result in more conversions.  Why?  Because the one word people recognize the most is their own name.  Having the subscriber’s first name allows you to personalize subject lines and content, which is an extremely effective way to stand out in the clutter of a busy inbox.

5. An uncluttered layout – Keep the users focused on what you want them to do (opt in) by keeping your landing page clean, simple, and to the point.  It should only contain a brief description of your free gift and the opt-in form and nothing else.  By filling your landing page with long descriptions, links to other resources, etc., the users will get distracted by less important information or navigate away completely.  Make it easy for them to get what they came for and for you to get a new subscriber to your list.

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How to Introduce a Guest on Your Podcast

When you have an interview-based podcast, there is going to be a time in your show when you introduce your guest to your audience. It’s easy to fall into a rut of just reading their standard bio from their one sheet and moving on to the interview. But if you really want to entice your listeners right from the start of your show, take your intros to the next level and get personal.

Why are you excited to have this guest on your show? That’s what your audience wants to know. Because if you’re not excited to interview your guest, your audience isn’t going to be excited to listen! Share with your audience how you met the guest or how you personally connected with their story or content

If you are going to do this, however, it means that you as the host need to do your due diligence and really research your guest. While their one sheet will give you a great picture of who they are, dive deeper! Read through their website, connect with them on social media, check out some of their resources. Get to know your guest before the interview, so you can give an engaging intro and ask better questions throughout the interview.

BONUS – When you take the time to get to know your guest and give a great intro, chances are the guest will notice! You’ll be able to connect with your guests in a deeper way when they know that you have put prep work into their interview and are genuinely interested in what they have to offer your show.

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What is the Difference Between a Podcast and an Internet Radio Show?

One of my most frequently asked questions is: What is the difference between a podcast and an internet radio show?  Even with the popularity of podcasts on the rise, the difference between these mediums isn’t always clear.  Here are 4 main differences between a podcast an internet radio show.

1. Podcasts are pre-recorded.  Internet radio shows air live on a specific day and time, while podcasts are pre-recorded.  This allows for podcasts to be edited, while the content on internet radio shows is raw and live as it happens.

2. Podcasts can be played on demand. Listeners can download and tune into a podcast according to their own schedules.  Unless an internet radio show decides to publish a recording of their show as a podcast, their listeners will potentially miss out if they aren’t able to tune with when the show is live.

3. Podcasts can go live at any time.  Because podcast are pre-recorded, you have control over when your content will go live.  If you want to record your podcast a 10am on a Tuesday and have the episode go live at 3pm on a Thursday, you are absolutely able to!  Since you are not on a live schedule, you can determine the best schedule to release your episodes, according to the needs and wants of your audience.

4. Podcasts are published by an RSS feed.  A podcast by its very definition is published by an RSS feed.  RSS feeds have become the go-to way for users to track and engage with your content as it’s published.

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How to Use Meet Edgar to Promote Your Content

When you are generating great content with your podcast interviews, promoting that content on social media is an important part of reaching your audience effectively.  But posting a link to your interviews just one time is not enough to grow the audience!  I’ve invested in a fantastic social media platform, Meet Edgar, and it has made a huge difference in my social media reach.


Meet Edgar not only allows you to schedule out your posts across numerous platforms, but it also creates a custom library that automatically posts from your RSS feeds AND from your previously posted content.  So instead of you manually posting a link to your social media accounts a few times, Meet Edgar will save your content and continually repost it according to the schedule you create!

Why does this matter to you as a podcaster or guest expert?  Because you never know how or when someone will connect with your content! Much of the content you share during your interviews should be evergreen, meaning it will be just as relevant a year from now as it was the day it was published.  When I first starting using Meet Edgar, I knew the value of reposting content, but I did not have time to keep reposting my archived blogs, videos and podcasts. By using Meet Edgar, my content is getting out there on social media without me doing it manually.

Whether you are active on social media through organic posts or through an awesome tool like Meet Edgar, make your posts intriguing.  Posting “Check out my interview!” without giving people a real reason to check it out, is just going to fall flat.  Try pulling out great quotes from your interviews that will pique their interest.  You can even use the quote to create an eye-catching graphic that will entice listeners even more.

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How to Select the Right Topics for Your Podcast Interviews

You believe in the power of podcasting to grow your business and you’re ready to start getting interviewed on podcasts yourself.  With the huge number of shows and topics out there, how do you know which topics you should be interviewed about? Here are three ways to determine your guest expert interview topics.

1. Know why you are getting interviewed – First and foremost, you need to identify your goal for doing interviews.  Are you hoping to grow your email list?  Do you want more buyers for your online course?  Having a clear goal in mind will help you focus your topic list down to drive listeners to what you want them to do most.

2. Know what your message is – If I asked you what you do in your business, you might come back with a long list of your services.  But if I asked you what you do BEST in your business, your answer might be a little more succinct.  While you may be able to cover a wide range of topics, it is important to focus your interview topics on what you know and do best.

Your message should should also be directly tied to what is most profitable for your business.  Figure out what products and/or services attract the most clientele and tailor your message to fit those topics.

3. Know your specific angle – Podcast hosts are inundated with requests for interviews on their shows, so it is vitally important that you put your unique spin on your topics.  There are hundreds of “experts” out there, so what is it that makes you unique?  Take your core message and figure out what fresh, new take can you add to the conversation that will not only make hosts want to have you on their show, but also attract listeners to your interviews.

Once you’ve decided on your topics, showcase your expertise with an awesome one sheet, like these.  Click here to learn how my team at Interview Connections can help you select the best topics for your podcast interviews and create a custom one sheet.

What Podcasts Should I Be a Guest Expert On?


With the exploding popularity of podcasts in recent years, there are thousands of interview-based podcasts on iTunes.  When you’re using podcast interviews to grow your business, it can be difficult to know which shows you should be a guest expert on.  Contrary to popular belief, “big” shows with huge download numbers are not [necessarily!] the answer. Before you start sending mass pitch emails to every podcast you can find, reach about these four criteria so you know if the podcast is a good fit for you.

    1. Podcasts that speak to your target audience – Who is your ideal customer and what podcasts do they listen to?  Whether the show has a huge audience or small one; it doesn’t matter as long as you are reaching your target audience.
    2. Podcasts that resonate with your message– In order to deliver interviews that will generate leads, you need to be on podcasts where your message will resonate.  If you are a holistic medicine expert, your message will most likely fall on deaf ears if you are interviewed on real estate podcast.  That doesn’t mean, however, you need to be on ONLY holistic medicine podcasts.  An interview on an entrepreneurial podcast may yield fantastic results, as holistic health and work/life balance is often a topic that entrepreneurs relate to.
    3. Podcasts that have an engaged following – As a guest expert on a podcast, you will certainly be doing your part to get the word out about your appearance so focus on podcasts that are also speaking to an engaged following. Does the podcast have a Facebook group with conversation happening between the host and the listeners? Does the podcast have a unique hashtag that unites the listeners and makes them feel like they’re a part of a community? Shows with an engaged following are more likely to connect with the guests.
    4. Podcasts that have show notes with links- While certainly not a requirement for a great podcast, look for show notes on the podcast’s website.  These make the awesome content you deliver more accessible for listeners, and since most listeners will hear your interview while on-the-go, a great show-notes page will give them a reliable place to find your contact information as well as links to your website.

My team can find and book you on shows that meet these four criteria!  Visit to get started with out team.

How To Use Social Media to Promote Your Podcast Interviews

Once you #RockthePodcast with some great podcast interviews, it’s time to help spread the word and get your message out there!  While podcast hosts will most likely be promoting your episode on social media, it is important that you do your own promotion if you want to get the greatest ROI.

Here are 3 simple tips for using social media to promote your podcast interviews:

1. Consistently post your interviews.  When you know your episode is live, post a link on your social media, so your followers can hear the interview.  You can’t rely on the host to promote.  Take the initiative and share your interviews with your social network.

2. Give people a reason to listen to the interview. – Don’t just post a link and leave it at that.  Write a quick blurb to entice people into clicking that link and listening to the interview. Share a great quote, memorable moment or even create your own awesome promographic to drive people to the interview.

3. Maximize engagements. No matter what social media platform you are using, make sure you tag the host and any business/podcast pages. When you do this, you are notifying the host and their network of your interview and will get the greatest reach.  If a host posts the episode themselves (and hopefully tags you), respond with a like/comment/share/etc. Show your appreciation and share the love!  And don’t forget to do the same when listeners are commenting on the interviews as well.

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Why Podcast Interviews Are Not Advertising

Podcast interviews are a great way to grow your business because they leverage the power of CONTENT marketing. They are not, however, a way to advertise your business. Here’s what I mean:

Podcast interviews are not a form of advertising.  Podcast interviews are a form of content marketing, a strategy that focuses on providing highly valuable content in order to attract a specific audience.  When a listener hears you on a podcast, they should be consuming actionable tips that they can apply right away in their business and their life. You are establishing yourself as a trusted expert that they can turn to when they are ready to buy your product or service.

When you advertise your business, you are sending a broadcast message to a crowd of people about what your product or service does. But since most people hate advertising, you need a bigger audience to increase your rate of return on investment.

People don’t hate valuable content. They love it, in fact! Which is why you do not need a huge audience to speak to on podcasts.

Podcast interviews are all about reaching the right people with the right message.  Podcast consumers are there to consume content, not be sold to.  When you persistently pitch your business or services on an interview, you’re annoying the listeners and turning away the very people you are trying to reach.  When you deliver the type of quality content that listeners crave, those listeners convert to customers.

If you are ready to integrate podcast interviews into your content marketing strategy, my team and I at Interview Connections can you book on the best shows to reach your target market.