Showing Your Cracks

rockthecast | Mar 10, 2016


I hear from podcast hosts all the time who are agonizing over a recent episode they recorded, yet haven’t released. The sound isn’t perfect, their guest was unprepared (or just obnoxious!), their voice sounds nasally –  reason after reason after reason why they can never release the episode.

Friends, listen when I tell you that you are doing your audience and yourself a disservice when you insist on releasing only the most perfect podcast episodes. You are robbing your audience of the authenticity that podcasting so beautifully lends itself to. When you release an episode that is less than perfect, you are showing your audience that you are a real person with real flaws – just like them. You are giving them the opportunity to connect with you and be more open to your content, because they know your genuine.

But what about those episodes that bomb, even though it’s not “your fault?”  Sound quality is awesome, you are on your A-Game…but your guest definitely is NOT.  Maybe they sound too “pitchy,” maybe they are distracted and unprepared, maybe they just talk way too fast!  No matter what their issue is, you should feel justified not releasing the episode…right?  WRONG.

Remember, your guests are human too! They have taken the time out of their schedules (most likely NOT paid), to share their knowledge with you and your audience. Do what you can to edit the recording and create an episode that works. It doesn’t need to be perfect! By choosing to release an episode you think is less than perfect, you are showing your guests professional courtesy and respect for their time. Who knows – maybe they will listen to the episode themselves and learn some lessons for their next interview.

Are there ever going to be extreme cases when it might not be best to release an episode? Sure – but this would be extremely, extremely rare (think absolutely no audio being recorded). In 99.9% of the cases, don’t be afraid to show your cracks. Get over your fears, put your big kid pants on, and let the world hear your less than ideal episode.

Check out, to get more tips on being authentic with your audience. (I can guarantee you’ll find some of my own not-so-perfect episodes there, too!)

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