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The Ratings Revolution



“If you could do me a favor, leave a rating and review for my podcast on iTunes!”  A very reasonable request from almost every podcaster out there.  Unfortunately, when a host makes this request, there are some who will want to oblige by quickly  jumping onto iTunes, giving 5 stars, and leaving a comment like “Love this show!  You nailed it!”  The kicker is, they have never even listened to an episode!

So, what we, as podcast consumers are left with are falsely inflated stats, disingenuous reviews, and no trusted forum for real podcast ratings.  Friends, I think it’s high time for a ratings revolution…and the revolution starts with YOU.

How can you as a podcast host join the ratings revolution?  Make requests for ratings/reviews sparingly.  You obviously want to rise through the ranks, but remember, the value of your show is not determined by your ranking in iTunes or your number of downloads.  The true value can be found in the connections you are making with the PEOPLE behind those ratings, because it is those PEOPLE who will convert into growth for your business.  When you do make a request, ask for an honest review from your listeners (you know, the people who have actually heard your show).  If you are reaching out to a new audience, invite them to check out your show and let you know what they think with an honest review and rating.

Podcast consumers, you are part of the ratings revolution too!  I am begging you, PLEASE don’t leave a rating or review for a show you’ve never listened to.  We all want to be helpful to people in our personal and professional networks, but trust me, leaving a rating for a podcast you have never listened to is NOT HELPFUL, not to the host and certainly not to other consumers.  When you do leave a review (to a show you have actually listened to), be honest, professional and leave some specific feedback, so the host and those looking into the show can get a glimpse of what is working (and maybe what is not).

Are you ready to join the ratings revolution and really ROCK THE PODCAST?  Together, we can stop New & Noteworthy from becoming Sad & Sleepworthy.