Podcasting Longevity

It’s difficult to keep podcasting after three to six months when it seems like you’re not seeing an ROI and no one from your audience is engaging with you. But it takes a long time to see that ROI so how do you stick with it? Here are my top tips:

While it is important to have a podcast avatar, for me to continue podcasting, I must personally be interested in the show. If you love the topic that you’re podcasting about, you won’t have trouble keeping your show going for a long time. Most people quit their show because it either falls too low on their priority list, or they are not interested enough in the topic of the show. If you’re not into the show anymore, change up the focus of the podcast. […]

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Podcast Blogging

People consume content in different ways, depending on their learning styles. I am an auditory learner, so if you ask me what my favorite book is, I might not have a great answer OR I’ll tell you the last book I listened to on Audible!

Not everyone is a auditory learner, some people will prefer to read or watch videos. So, in order to reach a wider audience, I advise you repurpose your podcast into multiple formats. Here are some ideas for you: […]

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Podcasting: Only a Piece to the Marketing Puzzle

Podcasting is a passion of mine, and if you have spent any time on my blog or learning about my company, Interview Connections, you know I love helping people grow their business with the power of podcasting. But the truth is, podcasting is part of the marketing puzzle! It takes time before the right people hear your show, join your community, opt in to your email list, and get to know, like, and trust you enough before they invest financially in your products and services… before they open their wallets and hand you money. […]

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The Power of Celebrity Positioning in Podcasting

The key to getting podcasters interested in interviewing you is positioning yourself as a celebrity expert.

The digital age ushered in the ability to publish your own books, record your own songs, create your own “on air” presence, and more. We live in this amazing time in which you can create your own celebrity persona almost overnight. And guess what? That’s exactly what podcasters want: the ability to align themselves with celebrities. […]

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What Makes A Good Podcast?: How To Make Your Podcasts More Conversational And Have People Truly Listen To Your Content

Some of my favorite podcasts are the ones where I feel like a fly on the wall in a room where two people are having a great conversation. But making your podcast conversational is not something that always comes naturally. Here are 4 tips on making your podcast interviews more conversational. […]

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Setting Clear Expectations

No matter what strategies you are using to grow your business; podcasting, hiring a business coach, attending a conference, trying a new marketing channel, etc., it is absolutely essential that you set clear and realistic expectations. Without setting clear expectations right from the get go, you will find yourself frustrated along the way simply because most investments you make in your business do not deliver immediate results. Without setting clear expectations, you might become a marketing quitter! […]

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How to Find a VA To Help Leverage Your Podcast Interviews

If you listened to episode 112 of Rhodes to Success, you know that leveraging the power of your podcast interviews takes a lot more work than simply recording an interview. Not only are you booking, preparing for and recording great interviews, you are marketing and promoting them as well. The tips I gave you in episode 112 of my podcast are likely overwhelming unless you have an amazing VA on your team to help you with the process. So, how do you find a great VA? Here are some tips:

Referrals – Ask your friends in business, colleagues, peers, mentors, etc., who they can personally recommend. It is better to work with a VA who has worked with someone you trust. […]

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Who is Your Podcast Avatar?

It’s impossible to run a successful business without knowing who your target market is, and the same is true with podcasting! Whether you are a podcast host or guest expert, you need to identify your ideal listener if podcasting is going to be a successful medium to grow your business. Here are my tips for identifying your podcast avatar and integrating it into your podcasting strategy.

Align your avatar with your goals – What is your goal with podcasting? Are you hoping to grow your email list or increase enrollment for your online course? Maybe you want to fill the open slots in your coaching program. Whatever your goal may be, think of the most ideal person you want fulfilling those goals for you. […]

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What to Do if a Podcaster is Making You Jump Through Hoops to Schedule

A recurring theme I am seeing in the feedback I get from our guest expert clients at Interview Connections is that podcast hosts are making it more and more difficult to schedule interviews. Here are the most common mistakes I’m seeing podcast hosts make when they are scheduling guests and what hosts should be doing instead. […]

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What Do I Do When a Podcaster Accepts Me as a Guest?

The first and I mean FIRST thing you need to before you do anything else is thank the host. Show your appreciation for them opening up time on their show for you, and say “THANK YOU!” If your assistant schedules your interviews for you, please make sure they are expressing your gratitude to the host on your behalf. Having a gracious attitude will set the tone all your future interactions and for the interview itself. You could even send the host a free gift of one of your products in the mail. Just ask the host for their mailing address when you schedule! […]

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