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High End Networking with Hosts

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High End Networking with Hosts

In this episode of Rock the Podcast, Jess and Margy talk about one of the biggest benefits of getting interviewed on podcasts which is high end networking opportunities with podcast hosts.

Some of their top tips include:

  • Respond promptly to their interview invitation
  • Show your gratitude and tell them how you will promote your interview
  • Get connected with them on social media
  • Send a gift to them in the mail
  • Ask the host to clarify their target audience and ask how you can make this a great interview for them and their listeners

Resources mentioned:

It Factor (Affiliate link)

Influence 2019

Chris Dayley Case Study

Peter Lang’s interview with LuAnn Nigara 

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How to Clarify your Message and Positioning with Kelly O’Neil

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How to Clarify your Message and Positioning with Kelly O’Neil

In this episode, we interview Kelly O’Neil, a good friend who we met through Ali Brown’s Premier Group.

Kelly shares what Profit-ology is and what questions you should answer before marketing your services.

Connect with Kelly online at

Email Kelly at and ask about her profitable positioning workshop!

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Selling to Corporate Companies with Jess Lorimer

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Selling to Corporate Companies with Jess Lorimer

In this episode of Rock the Podcast, Jessica interviews Jess Lorimer.

Jessica Lorimer launched her business, Smart Leaders Sell, in 2014 and rocketed it to a multi-six figure coaching and consultancy business in less than 3 years. She was ideally placed to share her experience after a corporate career as one of the industry’s highest performing sales people, with a stack of company awards to show for her success.

You can check out Jessica online at

IC053: The Value of Small, Medium and Large Podcasts

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IC053: The Value of Small, Medium and Large Podcasts

In this episode of Rock the Podcast, Jess and Margy address a trend they’re seeing with many entrepreneurs who are investing in a podcast interview strategy: only wanting to appear on top-ranked shows with huge audiences.

There is value in appearing on large podcasts, mid range shows and small/new podcasts and in this episode, Jess and Margy will talk about what that value is.

Links mentioned:

Stacey Brown Randall case study 

Stacey’s interview on EntreArchitect 

Jessica’s interview on B2B Revenue Leadership 

Case study with Tanya Conner-Green


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How Eric Brotman got a 400% Return on Investment with his Podcasting Strategy

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About Eric

Eric D. Brotman, CFP®, AEP®, CPWA® is passionate about providing investment, retirement, estate, insurance, and comprehensive financial planning services to families, professionals, executives, and business owners. He began his financial planning practice in Baltimore in 1994, and founded Brotman Financial Group in 2003.  Eric is a champion for financial literacy education and volunteers for Junior Achievement of Central Maryland and the Eastern Shore.

Eric’s most recent book, Retire Wealthy: The Tools You Need to Help Build Lasting Wealth – On Your Own or With Your Financial Advisor, was published in 2014 by AuthorHouse.

He appears regularly on television on 11 News Sunday Morning on WBAL in Baltimore, and was interviewed by WMAR Baltimore / ABC2 News on a segment regarding the effects of Brexit for investors.

Eric was named as one of the “Maryland Power Players” by The Gazette of Politics and Business in 2010 and one of the “Very Important Professionals” by The Daily Record in 2011.

Goals for Podcast Interviews:

Eric met Jessica and Margy at FinCon 2017 where they were exhibiting for Interview Connections. At the time, he literally didn’t even know what a podcast was but he had a goal to expand his brand and ‘move the needle’ in his business.


Eric began his podcasting journey by appearing as a guest expert on a couple dozen leading finance and business podcasts in 2017.

In 2018, he flew to Providence, RI for a VIP Strategy Day with Interview Connections owners, Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn to map out the launch of the second phase of his podcasting journey; hosting the show, Don’t Retire, Graduate!

Jessica and Margy worked with Eric to map out a strategy so his interview appearances on other shows, and his own podcast would ultimately lead to more clients in his financial planning firm in Baltimore, Maryland.


Eric has seen a 400-500% return on his investment with Interview Connections. One of his podcast interview appearances went viral and led to over 20 new clients in his firm.

Eric has also added over 2000 people to his email list by creating a landing page with a specific lead magnet that Jessica and Margy helped him create at his VIP Strategy Day in Providence.


To learn more about how you can work with Jessica and Margy privately for a VIP Strategy Day,

To listen to Eric’s podcast, visit

How to Keep Your Podcast Bookings Organized

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In order to maximize your impact as a podcast guest and achieve the highest return on investment, it’s crucial to put some basic systems in place within your own team for tracking your interviews. This will help you more effectively nurture long term relationships with hosts, promote your appearances and track your results.

Stacey Brown Randall, an expert in how to generate referrals without asking, is an Interview Connections client who has gotten amazing results through podcast interviews. Stacey uses an assistant to help schedule and organize her podcast interviews. She has a simple and easy to use system in place for booking, scheduling, and promoting her interview appearances that you can implement in your business, whether or not you have a team.

How can podcast guests keep all their interview connections with hosts organized?

For Stacey, her process is the same whether it’s managed by her or an assistant. She believes in processes and workflows that are super simple. By keeping systems simple, there is less of a possibility for mistakes. She adds that the best CRM for your business is whatever one you’ll actually open up in the morning.


Use a Master Spreadsheet

Stacey tracks all of her podcast interviews in Microsoft Excel in one master spreadsheet. As soon as she is connected with a podcast host, she schedules the recording right away or forwards the connection email to her assistant to schedule. Since most podcast hosts will ask the same kinds of questions when scheduling a guest, Stacey keeps a spreadsheet with those answers to make it easy for her and her assistant to complete the booking. Once she secures a date and time for her recording, the podcast is added to her spreadsheet.

Enter The Right Info onto the Spreadsheet

When adding a podcast interview to her master spreadsheet, Stacey will include the podcast name, host name, and date of the scheduled interview. This helps her track when her interviews are occurring for each show (interviews are also being tracked in her calendar). Once the interview is recorded, Stacey will add to her spreadsheet the live link (which most hosts will send), the episode number, and the host’s mailing address. Stacey recommends asking the host for their mailing address so you can send them thank you cards, holiday cards, and anything else that will help nurture this new relationship.


Nurture Your Relationships with Podcast Hosts

Having a great connection with a podcast host during an interview can also lead to organic leads. Hosts will often reach out after hearing her on a podcast, or through the recommendation of a host asking her to be a guest on their show! She tracks these interviews on the same spreadsheet, keeping a separate tab for these organic leads in the same format she uses for the shows we book her on.

Download this Spreadsheet Template!

Stacey was generous enough to share this spreadsheet template with our listeners to make it easy for you to track your interviews!

Click here to get your template!

Offering a free gift to the podcast audience is a great way to drive traffic to your website and build your email list. This is something Stacey did a lot when she first started working with Interview Connections to get booked.

Stacey’s Website

Podcast: Roadmap to Grow Your Business (solo show)

Free Facebook Group: Referrals Without Asking

Book: Generating Business Referrals Without Asking

Podfest Multimedia Expo 2019: Why We Attended, Who We Met, & Why We’ll Go Back

What motivates you to attend a conference? For some entrepreneurs, conferences are a place to learn from all the speakers in the various breakout sessions and keynote talks. For others, conferences provide an opportunity to network and generate more leads.

This year, Margy and I flew to Orlando, Florida where we attended the 5th year of Podfest Multimedia Expo! We are big supporters of Podfest because this event in particular has been excellent for networking, lead generation and has helped spark new ideas for how we can grow our podcast.

If you’ve never heard of Podfest, go listen to my interview with the founder, Chris Krimitsos on our podcast here!

We have been sponsoring Podfest since year one. In fact, Chris said we may have been their first ever sponsor, which we take a lot of pride in because this conference has grown so much and I am glad we have been attending every year!

Even though in year’s past we have had a booth on the trade show floor and have led breakout sessions, we made the choice to not apply to speak or exhibit. Instead, we bought a quarter page ad in the program and simply attend this year. Having a booth was a great way to get exposure for Interview Connections, but it also meant we didn’t have as much freedom to network and attend sessions.

Margy and I flew in Thursday evening and had a full day at the conference on Friday. We hit the tradeshow floor first to see some friends and clients who had booths, like Ralph and Carol Lynn at Podcasters Toolbox. We’re honored to have the opportunity to consult with them on their business a few times a year through our VIP Strategy Days.


Margy and I share more about how we started offering VIP Strategy Days in this episode of our podcast.

One of our newest clients, Mikey Moran and his podcast co host, Zakiyrah took us to lunch where we got so many tips and ideas for how to continue growing Interview Connections. Mikey’s company has 25 employees so as we grow our business we find a ton of value in learning from those who are further along in their entrepreneurial journey!  

After lunch, we went to the lobby coffee bar where we met Brett Burky, founder of PaperSac. Tyler Sheff referred Brett to Interview Connections a few weeks prior so it was great to meet him face to face and talk more about working together! Brett said he wanted to meet more real estate podcasters so I sent a text to our long time client, Kevin Bupp who was able to come meet us as well!

To hear my panel about how to be a great interviewer with Tyler Sheff, Erica Mandy and Ryan Gray from Podfest 2018, click here!

Another reason we love meeting clients in person is bonding over smart fashion choices like stretchy jeans and sweatshirt material blazers.


After that, we all walked over to the Real Estate panel moderated by Tyler Sheff. Panelists included Kerry Lutz, Dustin Matthews, Kevin Bupp and Sharon Vornholt. While this session was focused on real estate podcasters, they had some amazing stories of how much their podcasts have changed lives!

Here are some of their top tips for new real estate podcasters:

  • Get a USB Microphone and focus on providing valuable content. Most listeners can’t tell the difference between the ATR 2100 which is $70, and a $500 microphone.
  • Don’t fake it til you make it, just teach what you know. If you’ve done 3 deals, you know more than someone who hasn’t done any deals.

We interviewed Kevin Bupp on our show about his podcasting strategy here and if you’re a real estate investor who wants to learn how to leverage podcast interviews, check out this episode of our podcast!


After this session, I said hello to Scott Carson of The Note Closers podcast. He gave us a great idea for how to leverage LinkedIn to find and pitch podcast hosts, and also introduced me to Scott Smith who I had spoken to on the phone a few weeks prior. I love how conferences give me the opportunity to meet people in person that I email and talk to on the phone!

One of the major highlights of our trip was having our client, Mikey Moran go through our website with us and give us a ton of ideas on how to improve our SEO and website conversion. He also helped us set up Facebook ads to retarget our website visitors. Margy and I were so thankful for this amazing support and just love how successful 7 figure entrepreneurs are so willing to help other business owners succeed. We laughed at how we probably would have paid a lot of money to do what he helped us set up in 20 minutes!


We wrapped up our Friday with a sales call back in the hotel room and a conference party at Howl at the Moon! We only stayed for one drink but the photo booth made it worth it.


Saturday morning involved some travel arrangements as we tracked a winter storm going across the midwest. We originally had a 6:30am flight scheduled for Sunday morning but with my son’s 6th birthday that same day, I did not want to risk have a delayed or even cancelled flight. Also, past Jess and Margy did not account for how daylight savings time would make a 6:30am flight incredibly difficult.

We rescheduled our flight for Saturday evening and wrapped up Podfest by meeting with a few other friends, like Dustin Matthew, host of Wealth Fit, and watching Michael O’Neal’s funny and helpful keynote presentation.


Podfest Multimedia Expo is a conference we will continue to support and attend because of the people who run it and the people who attend. The conversations we were able to have by flying down to Florida for this conference were worth it alone and the knowledge we gained by attending the sessions was also a huge value add for us.


IC052: Podfest Multimedia Expo with Chris Krimitsos

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IC052: Podfest Multimedia Expo with Chris Krimitsos

On today’s episode, Jessica interviews the creator of Podfest Multimedia Expo, Chris Krimitsos, about the upcoming event and what attendees can expect. Podfest 2019 will be held in Orlando from March 7-9 and we hope to see you there!

How To Maximize ROI as a Podcast Guest

At Interview Connections, we know how to harness the power of a podcast appearance. We are a non-traditional PR firm with a singular focus on podcast interviews. With more than five years of experience in the field, we’re the leading booking agency for podcasters and guest experts.  Our fearless founder Jessica Rhodes, literally wrote the book on rocking both sides of the mic.

Whether you’re newly pod-curious, a veteran podcast guest or an aspiring host, the opportunities for marketing through podcasts are endless.  On an episode of the Marketing Speak podcast, Jessica talks with host and SEO expert Stephan Spencer about the strategies you can steal for getting –– and keeping –– clients with every interview.


1. SEO is the secret sauce

“We represent entrepreneurs, business owners and subject matter experts to get them booked on podcasts that are speaking to their target audience,” says Jessica, “with a goal to build their brand, to raise awareness about what they do, and deliver content to their target market.”

Guest appearances on podcasts are an efficient and organic way to generate leads and pump up your SEO. “I talk about SEO a lot on my sales calls,” Jessica says. “It’s usually not the first thing people think about when they want to get interviewed on podcasts, but SEO is a huge benefit.”

How does it work? It’s complicated –– Google’s algorithms are constantly changing. But the gist is this: podcast episodes have no expiration date, and an episode’s show notes, linked to our own site and social media profiles, can juice your search results for years to come.

Plus, as you take the podcast world by storm, your name or business float closer to the top of search results as you grow your reputation as a trusted expert in your field.


2. Content > leads > trust, in that order

Podcasts are excellent for lead generation, Jessica says. “Usually at least one person from a podcast will reach out and say, ‘I heard you on this show.’”

Retaining clients and maintaining an SEO advantage happens naturally when you provide high-quality content. By creating content that’s useful and shareable, your traffic and your search results grow. “I create podcast episodes that help my clients,” says Jessica. “Then I go on other podcasts as a guest to share valuable information that will give my clients more value.”

Ideally, it’s a self-perpetuating cycle: listeners become leads, leads become clients, and clients invest further in you as they watch you succeed.

Jessica’s frequent guest spots create the “stick factor,” she says. “When my clients see that I’m an expert, practicing the strategies I’m helping them implement and showing that they work, they stay with me longer. I can say, ‘I’m doing this right alongside you.’ It gives me a way to bond with them.”


3. Both sides of the mic, now

“It definitely helps if you have your own podcast,” says Jessica. If your goal is to get in front of a certain audience, you boost your chances by offering the host a spot on your own show. “Each interview opportunity is an interview trade.”

Established hosts can find advantages to guesting, as well. As you get to know other podcasters, doors open and you become a trusted colleague in your field.

Interview Connections illustrates this first-hand — its network is its biggest asset. “When I’m going out there and getting interviewed on shows, I’m staying connected with what’s happening in the podcasting industry,” she says.

As an unexpected bonus, Jessica’s guest spots resonate with her team. “When my employees listen to interviews I’ve done, it’s helpful for them to hear my story. They can learn more about the history of the business, and it gets them involved in the culture.”


4. Your one-sheet is your new BFF

Both when you’re pitching and after you’re booked, you want to demonstrate your value. Enter the one-sheet –– a way, Jessica says, to tell podcasters, “Here’s what we can talk about, here’s what an interview could be like with me.”

As a guest, you’ll be a hero if you make the host’s job easy.

“Even if you don’t have an agency representing you, make yourself a nice one-sheet,” says Jessica. “It’s a single-page PDF with your branding, logo, and a bio written in third person. It allows them to be instantly prepared to interview you.”

The one-sheet should be long enough to include all your bragging rights, but short enough so the podcast host can easily read that as an introduction to their show. (That’s also why third person, not the first-person “I,” is key).

Jessica also suggests adding bullet-pointed discussion topics as well as a handful of interview questions. “Mostly, a host will come up with their own questions, but sometimes I’ll hear one from the one-sheet and it’s totally natural –– the listeners don’t know. I love when that happens.”

And of course, those questions are ones you’re prepared for.

Polish off your one-sheet with your contact information, including your website and social media links. Add your Skype handle too, since you’re likely to use it for the interview itself.


5. Pitch with caution

Whether you’re pitching yourself or someone is doing it for you, make sure you’re doing it well. Like a typo-laden cover letter addressed to the wrong company, a crappy pitch will go straight to the trash.

“Sometimes I get pitches for my show, Rock the Podcast, and they make the prospective guest look so bad,” Jessica says. “I would be so careful. You can’t do this on the cheap. If you have an employee pitch for you, what’s the cost of your reputation if they mess up, if they haven’t done their research?”

If you’re not ready to hire an agency like ours, Jessica suggests the DIY approach. Do your homework, proofread, and start slow. “Sometimes with bigger shows, it helps to personally reach out,” she says. “Invest a little bit of time each week to build a relationship with the host.”


6. … but keep it light

“We brought in an improv comedian to train our staff in comedy writing,” says Jessica. “It helped our booking agents learn how to write in a more entertaining way. We’ve gotten responses that are like, ‘I get pitched all the time but I’m replying to you because this honestly made me laugh.’

“I would unbutton that figurative shirt a little bit and loosen up. Write a pitch that’s going to make the host smile and recognize you’ll be an entertaining guest. it’s not always about content. It’s about interviewing somebody who’s going to be enjoyable to talk to.”

Jessica talks about a great pitch she received from David Ralph of Join Up Dots. “The subject line said, ‘your podcast is missing a sexy middle-aged Englishman.’ I’m like, “I don’t even have to open the email. Yes, you are coming on my podcast, that’s amazing.”


7. Have a clear objective –– and one compelling call to action

As a podcast guest, it pays to focus on one goal at a time, Jessica advises. It’s unrealistic to get new clients, increase your podcast audience, and spike your website traffic from one podcast interview alone.

“Too many options and too many calls to action will leave people confused and not knowing which to choose,” she says. “Make it simple. Most people are listening to podcasts on their mobile device –– while they’re out, or getting ready in the morning, or at the gym.”

If your goal is to grow your own audience, for example, draw potential new listeners toward your podcast with a specific suggestion. Title your shows (beyond episode numbers) and direct the audience to a particular one. “Ask them subscribe so they don’t just look it up and forget about it,” Jessica says.

What about lead magnets –– the freebies so many podcast guests offer so listeners opt in to a mailing list?

“My advice is a little bit less traditional than what you’ll hear from a lot of marketing experts. I don’t think that content opt-in is always the right solution,” says Jessica. “For some people it’s a white paper; for others, it’s a webinar. But those have never been a game changer for me. Most of my current clients were not on my email list at first. Honestly, whatever works for your business and whatever your target market wants, do that.”


8. Choose fortune over fame

“My business coach, Ali Brown, always talks about going for fortune over fame,” Jessica says. “One pitfall people make, especially in podcasting, is to focus on fame and rankings.”

Instead, Interview Connections concentrates  on tangible results: metrics like revenue, profit, building a successful team, client retention, and employee retention. For Jessica, podcast ROI is truly measured by a healthy  bottom line.

“In my own bio, I talk about how I’ve scaled from zero to the high six figures,” she says. “We will break into the seven-figure mark with basically no advertising. I don’t have 10,000 people listening to my podcast or even on my email list, but I have a very successful business and I’ve got the results to show for it.”

Those kinds of numbers reflect  a reputation with a firm foundation. “It gives me more credibility than just talking about being #1 in iTunes, which I’m not,” she says, noting that followers and rankings don’t necessarily mean real-world success.

“Most smart entrepreneurs know that you can fake your way into being a bestseller.”

This article is based an episode of Marketing Speak, which is hosted by Stephan Spencer, author of “Google Power Search” and other books.

IC051: Creating A New Industry

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IC051:Creating A New Industry

Jess discusses how she first got started booking people on podcasts and how at the time, she was the only one sending out pitches. Margy and Jess also talk about what sets Interview Connections apart from all the other podcast booking agencies that are in existence today. To work with and learn more about us, visit