Case Studies

Case Studies

100% ROI in Year One!

Myoshia Boykin-Anderson

Myoshia Boykin-Anderson is the award-winning founder and CEO of one of the leading IT Consulting companies in the country. Over the past 11 years, Myoshia has not only helped health plans manage over 56 million members across more than 25 states, but she also helps other entrepreneurs and organizations solve their technology challenges by consulting and developing custom applications and tools to help drive efficiency. Myoshia is a self-made businesswoman with no formal higher education or college degree.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Myoshia gained over 30 podcast interviews in front of her target audience from podcast guesting!

100% ROI After Only 4
Podcast Interviews

Kristen Bowen

From Kristen’s small beginnings in her 10 by 15 basement kitchen, to her warehouse, store, and online business, Kristen has helped thousands of individuals reclaim their own health foundation. As she tells her clients: “You are the CEO of your health. Let me be on your board of directors.”

In this case study, you’ll learn how Kristen had 100% of her investment returned after only four podcast interviews!

6-Figure Client from One
Podcast Interview

Joe Sullivan

Joe is an Industrial Marketing Consultant of 10+ years and cofounder of the St. Louis-based industrial marketing agency Gorilla 76. Gorilla helps midsized B2B manufacturers identify, attract, engage and drive sales opportunities with ideal-fit customers. They make this happen through a combination of positioning, content marketing, SEO, website development, account-based marketing, and sales enablement.

In this case study, you’ll hear how Joe was able to grow his brand, build his thought leadership, and land a 6-figure client from podcast interviews!

32 New Clients and Significant Revenue Increase from Podcast Guesting

Mark Willis

Mark Willis is a man on a mission to help you think differently about your money, your economy and your future. After graduating with six figures of student loan debt and discovering a way to turn his debt into real wealth as he watched everybody lose their retirement savings and home equity in 2008, he knew that he needed to find a more predictable way to meet his financial objectives and those of his clients.

In this case study, you’ll hear why Mark says Interview Connections is the best investment his company has made!

Over $250,000 in Sales from
Podcast Interviews

Jack Bosch

We work with many real estate investors at Interview Connections. Podcasts are high end networking, so they’re a perfect opportunity to build relationships, find other investors, find new deals and more! For investors with an educational focus, they’re also a great way to sell courses and attract high quality leads.

In this case study, you’ll learn about a real estate investor and educator who generated $15,000 in sales from a single podcast interview, and now estimates his ROI at $150k!

$52k + in Sales from
Podcast Guesting

Mia Hewett

Mia Hewett has co-owned and operated a seven-figure business, is an international speaker, and a world-class business coach. Mia is the founder of Aligned Intelligence™, a methodology that removes all blind spots, fear, anxiety, and self-doubt leaving you feeling “free to be Me.” This allows her clients to stop secretly struggling and live in alignment with their dreams so that they can scale to 6 and 7-figures the fast way.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Mia Hewett was able to generate over $52,000 in sales from her podcast guest appearances!

$15K After Her First Interview

Aimee LaLiberte

As the owner of My Virtual CFO, Aimee is a trusted profitability advisor to six and seven‐figure business owners who are tired of being behind in their books and are ready to uncover blind spots, course correct, and ultimately get more profitable.

In this case study, we’ll tell you how Aimee created $15k in revenue after her first interview aired!

$66,000 from Podcast Interviews

Solara Amun Ra

Solara Amun Ra (formerly known as Raquel Vasallo) is the #1 Best Selling Author of “Spiritual Seductress, The High-Powered Women’s Guide to Devour the World through Spiritual Guidance.” She is the pre-eminent Spiritual Advisor to female Visionaries and Thought Leaders. Solara has worked with top companies such as Fox Films, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Orange Telecom, McDonald’s, helping employees and CEOs radically amplify their creativity, innovation, and greater vision.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Solara made over $66,000 from podcast interviews!