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Make the Connection

There are a lot of reasons why people get into podcasting, either as a host or a guest expert. Some people are looking to grow their businesses, some people are trying to establish themselves as an expert in their field, and some people just enjoy the medium!  But no matter what your purpose is for podcasting, there is one key strategy that will help you be successful – making CONNECTIONS.

Podcasting has become such a personal medium.  It’s an incredible platform for networking with amazing people.  My team and I had an fantastic time at Podfest recently, and the feeling of the event was more like a summer camp than a conference!  Why?  Because the network of podcasters engaging with each other was electric…and effective.

So how can you tap into this awesome network?  I’m going to share 3 ways you can connect through podcasting.

  1. The Host/Guest Expert – This is probably the most obvious connection you are going to make, but remember, just because you are interviewing with someone does NOT mean you are CONNECTING with them. Be personable, flexible, and do your part to make sure the interview goes smoothly.  Most importantly, show your gratitude.  Neither the host nor the guest should feel entitled to promotion by the other party, but when you’ve had a great experience, both will benefit.  By making this connection a strong one, you have just expanded your network in a big way.
  2. The Audience – Both hosts and guest experts have their own listeners, a loyal audience that follows their content.  Podcasting allows you to tap into both audiences!  Hold it – I’m not talking about stealing your guests’ email lists!  I’m talking about delivering content in a way where you CONNECT with their audience.  Be genuine and bring actionable information the audience can put into practice right away.  Make a lasting impression, and THEIR audience might just become YOUR audience.
  3. Network of Guests/Shows – If you are a guest on a podcast, do a little legwork and check out the other guests that have been on the show.  Hopefully, you were doing this even before you were on the show, because this network of guest experts can be a phenomenal resource for you.  Not only will you find other people in your niche that you can connect with personally, you can see what shows they have been on and check them out for yourself. If you are a host, do some extra research into your guests!  What shows have they been on?  Who are the hosts? Who have they had on their shows?  This is a great way to connect with more quality guests for your show and to get ideas from other great podcasters.

When you take the time to CONNECT, your interviews will get better and better, and you’ll start seeing the results you are aiming for.  Need help connecting?  Join Interview Connections, and my team of power-networking guest bookers will get you connected to the best podcast interviews.