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How Can Podcast Guesting Help You?

Interview Connections is PERFECT for you if...

1 You’re getting interviewed, but not monetizing yet
2 You love being interviewed, but need help getting booked more consistently
3 Your team is rapidly growing, and you are losing visibility as you focus on expansion

Don’t Waste Your Time…

  1. Spending hours researching and vetting podcasts to get booked on…
  2. Sending dozens of cold pitches to podcast hosts that get ignored…
  3. Spinning your wheels on trendy marketing tactics that don’t work long term.

Your business needs visibility to new audiences in a way where new leads can hear your story and develop trust with you! Podcast guesting is the vehicle to do just that, and Interview Connections is the team to get you booked.

We Are an Award Winning Podcast Booking Agency!

In 2013, our founder Jessica Rhodes disrupted the podcast industry by launching the first-ever interview booking service. Since then we have made a commitment to prioritizing innovation and excellence. We don’t just set you up with any show that’s convenient for us. Our booking agents align your appearances with your precise business goals.

At Interview Connections, your success is our success.

Your time is precious and so is your expertise. Podcasting is one of the most effective long-term marketing strategies to simultaneously build brand awareness and generate quality leads.

When You Work With Us, You Are Guaranteed to Get Targeted Visibility to Thousands Of New Leads Every Single Month.


Meet Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn,
the co owners of Interview Connections!

Jessica and Margy don’t just know what it’s like to dream big. They live it.

With over 11 years of combined experience, Jessica and Margy know the strategy you need to achieve your biggest business goals.

Through their vision and expertise, they’ve turned what started out as a simple virtual assistant style offering into a multi-seven-figure agency that has positively impacted the growth of thousands of businesses around the world. As co-hosts of their own show, Monetize the Mic, they know exactly what it’s like to scale a 7-figure business from both sides of the mic.

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, agency owner, or subject matter expert, Jessica and Margy are the experts who can help you turn your big business dreams into big revenue realities.

Work with us, and you’ll get…

  • A Clear Strategy
  • A Network of High Achieving Entrepreneurs
  • High-Quality Show Bookings
  • Concierge Experience

Don’t miss your chance to join one of the world’s fastest-growing mediums.



Layer 7
“I've been working with Interview Connections for over a year and have pulled in five to six times what I’ve invested. I've picked up multiple leads and several new clients from the interviews they booked me on. I highly recommend their service!”

~ Richard Chapo - Internet Business Lawyer
Layer 8
“In the last few years, Interview Connections has booked over 300 podcast interviews for me as a guest
on other shows, and for my podcast, Dream Business Radio. The connections
I’ve made with this strategy have translated directly to over six figures in new revenue for my company.”

~ Captain Jim Palmer – The Dream Business Coach
Layer 9
“My company has gotten back 5x what we’ve invested in working with Interview Connections!
Appearing as a guest on podcasts has helped build my personal brand and get new clients.
I highly recommend their service to digital agency owners looking to get more exposure and attract quality leads”

~ Chris Dayley - Agency Owner
“Jessica and her team do an amazing job of booking me on high-quality interview opportunities for both audio and video podcasts. The team thinks outside of the box to match me with opportunities that I would not have discovered on my own. Because they have mastered the process of relationship building, they can open doors for you never before thought possible.”

~ Tyler Sheff - Real Estate Investor
"I have been a client of Interview Connections for five months and after recording six interviews, I signed up a new coaching client, found a new business coach for myself and got a paid training gig. I've brought in 8x what I've invested! It's also worth mentioning these results all happened BEFORE the interviews were live so the relationships with the hosts have been gold! On top of the no-brainer ROI, podcast interviews are so much fun!"

~ Tanya Conner-Green- Transformational Business Coach
One podcast interview I was on generated over $100k in deals and business! I highly recommend Interview Connections for getting booked on high-quality podcasts.

~ Moran Pober - Founder of ABD Assets
dr glenn
"I have been a client for Interview Connections for about 3 years and in part due to podcast exposure, I have had almost 300k downloads of my Kindle book since working with them!"

~ Dr. Glenn Livingston
"My experience with my dedicated agent team at Interview Connections has been nothing short of excellent! Since signing on with them four months ago to be booked on podcasts, our sales have increased nonstop month over month. Podcasting has been the biggest booster of those sales and we’re about to hit a million dollar month thanks to those interviews!"

~ Ken Lewis - Investor
"After my first interview went live, I landed a $15k client!"

~ Aimee LaLiberte - Virtual CFO
andrew tuszon
"Good business is all about follow-through and really taking the reins. My dedicated booking agent, Nathan, continuously demonstrates these traits as he books amazing guests on my show."

~ Andrew Tuzson, Host of Lost Origins
"I cannot say enough good things. You guys are the company that I recommend in my own coaching program when clients are looking to book more podcasts and be guests more often. I send you guys my clients because I really believe, having experienced first hand, that the path is there. All you have to do is commit."

~ Andrea Freeman - Business Consultant
jack and michelle
"We can attribute over 7 figures in sales from 48 podcast interviews that Interview Connections booked us on!"

~ Jack and Michelle Bosch - Real Estate Investors
"Every single person on the staff from Jess and Margy down is SENSATIONAL and you know because you interface with everybody. Additionally, the caliber of networking and straight-up friendships that I have forged on the networking calls have been sensational. I don't want to imagine my life without Interview Connections."

~ Annie P. Ruggles - Sales Coach
"With podcast guesting, there are so many ways of growing and evolving. I think it's all about realizing how much potential there is in podcast guesting and realizing how much you can get out of it."

~ Brandi Bernoskie - Strategic Business Consultant and Advisor
“One of the bookings I received from Interview Connections was so well received that the host had the show air on the in-flight entertainment for Virgin Airlines (Australia)!”

~ Carl Gould - Business Coach
chris kenney
“Interview Connections increased my reach, upleveled my brand awareness, and coached me on my call to action! I was able to land a $13,000 client from just one podcast interview!”

~ Chris Kenney - High Ticket Sales Coach
“Everything has been such a home run with interview connections, there really are no words.”

~ Eric Brotman - Certified Financial Planner
“There have been very tangible results from this. Someone reached out to me who had heard me on a podcast that Interview Connections booked me on. That turned into a consultation, then a paid strategy engagement, and that has led to a long-term 6-figure client!”

~ Joe Sullivan - Agency Owner
“After one interview went live, I saw a 300% web traffic increase!”

~ John Stoj - Financial Planner
“We signed a $150,000 project that came in through one podcast, and we are still talking to several other ones. Interview Connections definitely exceeded my expectations!”

~ Kevin Smith - Agency Owner
“I saw a 100% ROI after only four interviews!”

~ Kristen Bowen - B2C Product Based Business Owner
“From one podcast interview, a client signed on for 6 sessions with me! I love having Interview Connections as my team and I’ve felt like that from the very beginning. It’s a joy working with the people at Interview Connections and I know that I’m in good hands.”

~ Laurie Lewis - Intermittent Fasting Coach
“Working with Interview Connections has been a great experience. I’ll be speaking at a summit in June! I love everything so far. I couldn’t have done this and built my visibility without the team at Interview Connections.”

~ Maureen Mwangi - Business Consultant
“Interview Connections has been like rocket fuel for our business. We’ve had over 100 new leads and 32 new clients!”

~ Mark Willis - Certified Financial Planner
“I’ve made $24,000 from two podcast interviews! They heard me on a podcast, booked a call and before I could even share the program they asked me if they could sign up! The podcast helped me earn credibility and share my ideas clearly. It positioned the sale for someone that was interested so well!”

~ Nagina Abdullah - Health Coach
“Interview Connections have completely delivered. There was nothing that was promised that I didn’t receive. I’ve made over $52,000 from podcast interviews, and I’m not even done with my package yet!”

~ Mia Hewett - Business Coach
“If you value the service you will make room for the money. I love everyone at Interview Connections!”

~ Naketa Thigpen - Relationship Coach
paul ross
“I have a $30k client I got through Interview Connections! Interview Connections doesn’t just book podcasts. They are in constant touch. They’re always checking in. It’s really a white-glove service!”

~ Paul Ross - Master Sales Trainer
"I've closed over six figures in revenue from podcasts booked by Interview Connections!”

~ Solara Amun Ra - Elite Spiritual Advisor
“It’s been a seamless process. I was worried about the investment working but I took the plunge and now I’ve already renewed! My networking visibility has increased tremendously since I started working with Interview Connections.”

~ Tracey Bissett - Financial Coach