How to Launch Your Podcast

rockthecast | Jan 21, 2016


I get asked all the time on what to do before you launch your show, how to ensure you get in New and Noteworthy, how many episodes to launch with, what kind of marketing to do before you launch…and there is a lot of information out there..I’ve even seen massive blog posts with extreme details on what to do to ensure a successful launch. Those blog posts are not bad. They have a lot of great information and I send the links to my clients who really want those massively detailed launch plans.

I’m not going to talk about any of that here. What!? Why not!?

The right way to launch your show is to LAUNCH! That’s right. My tip for you, my heart to heart tip is to JUST START! 

I can’t remember who said but I quote “If you aren’t embarrassed by your first few episodes, you waited too long to launch” Don’t get caught up in the iTunes ranking hype. Successful podcasters are NOT those who were #1 in New and Noteworthy. Successful podcasters are those that stick with it and keep publishing consistently, delivering valuable content to their listeners.

Got that? Just start!

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