Podfest Multimedia Expo 2019: Why We Attended, Who We Met, & Why We’ll Go Back

What motivates you to attend a conference? For some entrepreneurs, conferences are a place to learn from all the speakers in the various breakout sessions and keynote talks. For others, conferences provide an opportunity to network and generate more leads.

This year, Margy and I flew to Orlando, Florida where we attended the 5th year of Podfest Multimedia Expo! We are big supporters of Podfest because this event in particular has been excellent for networking, lead generation and has helped spark new ideas for how we can grow our podcast. […]

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Top 7 Reasons to Hire an Agency to Book Podcast Interviews

Getting booked on podcasts as a guest expert has enormous benefits for your branding and marketing strategy. Podcast interviews are great for your search engine optimization, lead generation and building relationships with referral partners in your niche.

The most effective way to go about getting yourself booked on podcasts is to hire a podcast booking agency. Hiring an agency that specializes in booking podcast interviews will save you time, money and get you the results you need faster. […]

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How We Got Our Client 100k Views Overnight

We get asked by a lot of people if we can get them on BIG shows. The answer is… maybe. The first requirement is that YOU must be a great fit for those shows. We can hustle to find the biggest shows, write the best pitch in the world, and get you a meeting with the producer, but if you fail to sell yourself as a great guest when you meet that producer, no agency can help you. Confidence is everything when you are a guest expert on podcasts or any media outlet.

I recently booked our client Jen Briney on The Young Turks network (which has 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube) Her episode had over 100,000 views overnight! Let’s go over how I made this interview happen: […]

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Behind Every Great Guest…

You know that saying “Behind every great man is a great woman”? While I hate that saying because it’s pretty sexist, it helped me come up with the answer to the question “What makes a great guest?”

Behind every great guest is a great host!

Great podcast guests will:

1. be easy to work with
2. provide a ton of valuable content… […]

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Feminist Company Values

I am a busy lady! Normally, I try to squeeze a few extra hours out of every day. I have yet to be successful. Working with Jessica and Interview Connections has allowed me the flexibility to rearrange my work day so I can fit all of those things that make me busy (producing & hosting my podcast Great Beer Adventure, being an engineer on a local radio show, planning a large event for my show, designing a beer themed activity book, just to name a few) into the typical work day so that I can focus on being with my kids when they are home! – Amanda […]

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Podcasting Longevity

It’s difficult to keep podcasting after three to six months when it seems like you’re not seeing an ROI and no one from your audience is engaging with you. But it takes a long time to see that ROI so how do you stick with it? Here are my top tips:

While it is important to have a podcast avatar, for me to continue podcasting, I must personally be interested in the show. If you love the topic that you’re podcasting about, you won’t have trouble keeping your show going for a long time. Most people quit their show because it either falls too low on their priority list, or they are not interested enough in the topic of the show. If you’re not into the show anymore, change up the focus of the podcast. […]

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Podcast Launch Blueprint

In October 2014, I launched my podcast Rhodes to Success and then in 2015, Corey Coates and I launched our show, The Podcast Producers. Since 2013, I’ve helped dozens of podcasters launch their show by bookings great guests for their show. With this experience in mind, here my top tips for launching a podcast.

You have to know what your goal is for the podcast and be crystal clear about it. Where do you want your podcast to go? Is your goal to market your business or do you envision it becoming its own revenue-generating entity with sponsors and advertisers? You have to know what your goal is before you begin investing time and money into your effort or you will never get the results you want. […]

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The Power of Celebrity Positioning in Podcasting

The key to getting podcasters interested in interviewing you is positioning yourself as a celebrity expert.

The digital age ushered in the ability to publish your own books, record your own songs, create your own “on air” presence, and more. We live in this amazing time in which you can create your own celebrity persona almost overnight. And guess what? That’s exactly what podcasters want: the ability to align themselves with celebrities. […]

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The Importance of Engaging with Your Individual Listeners

Download stats aren’t just numbers. They represent real, live people listening to what you have to say. But whether your show gets 100,000 downloads or 100, you need to engage with your listeners on an individual basis. If you don’t, you are missing out on the opportunity to grow your audience and your business. Here are 3 tips for engaging on an individual basis with your listeners: […]

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How to Make Your Podcast More Conversational

Some of my favorite podcasts are the ones where I feel like a fly on the wall in a room where two people are having a great conversation. But making your podcast conversational is not something that always comes naturally. Here are 4 tips on making your podcast interviews more conversational. […]

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