What Makes an Expert

Our world is a noisy place. When you are looking for guidance, whether in your personal or professional life, how can you sort through all the hype and get the honest, expert advice you need? I want to challenge you to do your homework and look for 2 key indicators before you let yourself be influenced by an expert. […]

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Nile Nickel shares how he tracks his interview’s R.O.I.

When I was in Dallas, Texas at the GKIC Superconference, I met up with many of my favorite guest experts and podcasters, including Nile Nickel, a good friend of mine. I was lucky enough to do a quick interview with him on Interview Connections TV.

Nile is the expert behind linkedinfocus.com, where he helps people to really leverage the power of LinkedIn, which is one of the most effective social media platforms for businesses. He is the host of a radio show called Social Media Business Hour which you can listen to live on Mondays at 7:00 Eastern Time on Life Improvement Radio. He’s also given over 300 interviews in the past year, so he really knows what it takes to be a great host as well what it takes to be a really informative and interesting guest. I asked him to share with us some tips on this topic. […]

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How to Stand Out & Get Booked for Interviews

I talk to entrepreneurs every day who want to get booked for podcast and internet radio show interviews because it’s a great way to connect with the host and get your message heard to hundreds and even thousands of potential followers, prospects and clients. I have many tips and strategies to get yourself booked for interviews, but I want to take today to focus on my number one tip:

Position yourself as the go-to expert in a specific niche! […]

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