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The Importance of Engaging with Your Individual Listeners

Download stats aren’t just numbers.  They represent real, live people listening to what you have to say.  But whether your show gets 100,000 downloads or 100, you need to engage with your listeners on an individual basis. If you don’t, you are missing out on the opportunity to grow your audience and your business.  Here are 3 tips for engaging on an individual basis with your listeners:

  1. Make it easy for guests to contact you – During your podcast, have a clear and concise call to action.  Say and spell ONE method of contact (email, website, etc).  And most importantly, be AVAILABLE.  If you are receiving email or inquiries through your contact form, RESPOND.  Don’t leave listeners hanging when they WANT to be in touch with you!
  2. Engage on social media – Promoting your podcast or interviews on social media should be a no-brainer.  This is something ALL podcasters should be doing as part of their promotion strategy.  However, posting links to your interviews and even posting graphics does not mean the work is over.  You need to ENGAGE with your followers who are liking, commenting, and sharing your content.  Thank them for their engagement, ask them a follow-up question, and keep the conversation going!  Initiate new conversation by asking for feedback on an episode or to comment on a specific topic you covered.
  3. Treat your listeners like royalty – People listen to podcasts that their friends tell them about, and people are far more likely to recommend your podcast if you are going out of your way to treat them like they matter.  Ask your listeners for feedback.  Let them know that YOU are listening to THEM, and ask them for their questions or topics they would like you to cover in an upcoming episode.  Show you appreciation for them by offering listener-exclusive giveaways, because when your listeners feel valued, they will share your content and come to you when they a business need that you can meet.

Engaged listeners are happy listeners and happy listeners will naturally want to share the gem of a podcast they’ve found!

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4 Things That Make a Podcast Good

It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what makes a podcast good, but when I listened to Erik Newton’s interview on Jason Havey’s podcast, Spinning Logic, that’s exactly what I heard: a really good podcast. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. It keeps you listening in your car even after you reach your destination. I usually listen to podcasts when I’m driving and I know a podcast is really good when I get home and I don’t want to get out of the car and stop the podcast! When I was listening to Spinning Logic on the way home from my office, I sat in my driveway, not wanting to turn off Erik telling his story of the Tibetan guide! Since my husband was inside putting our kids to bed, I found a good place to pause and head inside to lend a hand, but the point is, I was so engaged in the interview, I didn’t want to stop listening! So is your podcast white noise, or does it keep listeners locked in until the last minute of your show?
  1. It goes deep. Shows that are really engaging are shows that tell stories. Sure, actionable content is great, but unless that content is delivered in a way that listeners can relate to, its impact is going to be lost. Good podcasts also allow the time and flexibility to go beyond the surface and dive deep into content through anecdotes, explanations, and following the natural flow of conversation.
  1. It’s honest. When both the guest and the host are open, honest, and even vulnerable, amazing content is produced. Ali Brown of Glambition Radio calls after-effects of this kind of honesty a “vulnerability hangover!” That’s what makes a great show! Listeners don’t want to hear about your perfect life and your perfect business where nothing ever went wrong in your perfect world. Listeners want to hear your REAL, raw story, and when you are brave enough to share that side and allow your guests to do the same, some incredible podcasting moments can happen.
  1. Highlights the guest AND the host. No matter how great your guests are, your listeners will keep coming back for YOU, the host. So why is it that so many hosts I talk to are hesitant to share from their own personal stories and graciously default to their guests? Jason Havey does an amazing job interjecting his own experience and anecdotes without overshadowing his guests, and as a listener of his show myself, I am always so happy to hear his perspective! Remember, your audience wants to hear from YOU.

So with all these elements of what makes a good podcast, what truly makes your message matter? The answer is, the RIGHT audience. If the right people are listening to your podcast and are entertained and getting value, your message matters. Notice I didn’t say a big audience makes your message matter. In fact, the opposite is often true! I’ve recently focused my podcast to cover questions that clients or potential clients generally asked me, and even though my download numbers are only around 200 per episode, I know I am reaching the right audience. How do I know that? My engagement and conversion rates are fantastic. I’ve drilled down my content and my format to reach my target market, and the results are speaking for themselves.

So don’t worry about getting higher download numbers or getting more subscribers. Worry about making your show GOOD. No amount of marketing will make people share and subscribe to your podcast if it’s just not good. But rest assured, listeners will come and will naturally share your content when you are producing a really good podcast.

Can you tell me about the audience size of the podcasts?

Can you tell me about the audience size of the podcasts?


Okay, I guess my blog should be longer than one word.

But when I am asked by clients “Can you tell me about the audience size of the podcasts you book me on” my answer truly is no! I cannot tell you because download stats for podcasts are not public. The only people who truly know the size of a podcast’s audience are the people who can access their media hosting account.

On Episode 79 of The Feed, the official Libsyn podcast, Rob Walch said “If your episode had more than 165 downloads one month after you published it – it is better than half the episodes released in Libsyn.  And I would argue on average the shows on libsyn get more downloads than anyplace that offers free hosting – so by that argument – yes more than 50% of the episodes in iTunes.”



If they are getting more than 1,400 – you are better than 80% of the shows.

more than 4,000 – you are better than 90% of the shows.

more than 10,000 – you are better than 95% of the shows.

more than 28,000 – you are better than 98% of the shows.

More than 53,000 – you are better than 99% of the shows.

(Thank you, Rob Walch Elsie Escobar from Libsyn.com for the above stats)

So, if you are a podcaster and your show is getting way more than 165 downloads an episode, you should feel pretty good about yourself! If you are a guest, this is helpful information to know because it proves that podcasts are NOT a medium where you will likely be speaking to thousands of people an episode.

Rather than asking about the audience size, you should be asking about a podcast’s target audience.  This is information that is generally readily available on the show’s website or even their show description.  You can even figure this out by listening to a few episodes of the show as well.  If your target audience matches your’s, you’ve found a great show to be on!   The audience size becomes rather irrelevant, because you know you are reaching the RIGHT audience.
At Interview Connections, we work with our guest experts to book them on podcasts that will get them in front of the most ideal potential clients, customers and patients!

How to Produce a More Compelling Podcast

There is no shortage of marketing advice out there for increasing your podcast’s download numbers or making it to the top of the iTunes charts.  What truly makes a great podcast that attracts listeners, however, is a highly produced, high quality show with compelling content. Here are some simple yet high impact tips that will help you #RockthePodcast!

1. Custom music – While there is a host of options for free music to integrate into your podcast, what will really set you apart is music that is written and produced specifically for your show.  The music you hear on my show, Rhodes to Success, was is written, recorded, and produced entirely by my brother and his band, The Danger Os.  Its music that I know no one else is using and makes my show stand out.

2. Audio clips – I love listening to shows like David Ralph’s Join Up Dots and Dave Jackson’s The School of Podcasting because they seamlessly integrate relevant audio clips into their shows.  Rather than simply two people talking, David Ralph’s interviews include clips from movies, current events, etc. that not only help accent a point in the content but also grabs listeners attention and keeps them entertained.  Taking the time to edit in some great audio clips in post-production is a great way to make your podcast more compelling.

3. Ignore the experts – If you hop onto iTunes and listen to 10 different episodes of 10 different shows, chances are, you are going to start noticing a lot similarities.  Similar intros, similar music, similar show format, even similar content!  As much as it’s great to admire and be inspired by other shows, the most important thing you can do to create a compelling podcast is to be yourself! YOU DO YOU! Ditch the script, stop emulating the “experts” and do your own thing with your show.  People won’t want to listen to your show if you are just like everyone else.  Give your listeners a reason to listen to YOUR show!

Having great guests on your show is another way to generate compelling content, so come check out Interview Connections, where my expert team of guest bookers and I can get the best guests for your podcast.

The Ratings Revolution



“If you could do me a favor, leave a rating and review for my podcast on iTunes!”  A very reasonable request from almost every podcaster out there.  Unfortunately, when a host makes this request, there are some who will want to oblige by quickly  jumping onto iTunes, giving 5 stars, and leaving a comment like “Love this show!  You nailed it!”  The kicker is, they have never even listened to an episode!

So, what we, as podcast consumers are left with are falsely inflated stats, disingenuous reviews, and no trusted forum for real podcast ratings.  Friends, I think it’s high time for a ratings revolution…and the revolution starts with YOU.

How can you as a podcast host join the ratings revolution?  Make requests for ratings/reviews sparingly.  You obviously want to rise through the ranks, but remember, the value of your show is not determined by your ranking in iTunes or your number of downloads.  The true value can be found in the connections you are making with the PEOPLE behind those ratings, because it is those PEOPLE who will convert into growth for your business.  When you do make a request, ask for an honest review from your listeners (you know, the people who have actually heard your show).  If you are reaching out to a new audience, invite them to check out your show and let you know what they think with an honest review and rating.

Podcast consumers, you are part of the ratings revolution too!  I am begging you, PLEASE don’t leave a rating or review for a show you’ve never listened to.  We all want to be helpful to people in our personal and professional networks, but trust me, leaving a rating for a podcast you have never listened to is NOT HELPFUL, not to the host and certainly not to other consumers.  When you do leave a review (to a show you have actually listened to), be honest, professional and leave some specific feedback, so the host and those looking into the show can get a glimpse of what is working (and maybe what is not).

Are you ready to join the ratings revolution and really ROCK THE PODCAST?  Together, we can stop New & Noteworthy from becoming Sad & Sleepworthy.


Focus on Listener Retention over Acquisition


I’ve learned from the book Stick like Glue by Jim Palmer the importance of client retention. Focus more on making your current customers and clients happy and you will have higher profits, faster. As a podcaster, focus more on making your current listeners happy, and your download numbers will get higher, faster.


Having 10 people download every episode in your first month, for a weekly podcaster, is 40 downloads. Alternatively, if your listeners’ only listen to one episode a month, you need 40 individuals downloading one episode each to get to 40 downloads. So, yes, it’s much easier to get higher downloads faster when you focus on making your current listeners so happy that they subscribe and tune in every week!

So, what can you do to make your listeners happy and entice them to download every episode you produce? Listen to them and give them what they want! Send a survey to learn what guests they want to hear from and interact on social media. For more tips on how to engage with your audience, check out this blog post!


The Leaderboard – A fantastic idea for podcasters

I’ve gotta tell you, I was extremely humbled and excited to hear from my friend and client, Gene Hammett when he emailed me to share that I was number 1 on his podcast leader board, which means I had gotten more downloads than any other episode!

A leader board is a new idea that I’ve been seeing pop up on podcast websites. It spotlights the top 5 guests with the most downloads and I have to say…I really love this idea!

Number 1- Podcasters all want their interviewees to promote their interviews; it’s one of the biggest challenges, right? Well, when Gene emailed me to tell me I was getting the most downloads out of all his guests (last I checked I had 559 downloads!) I immediately shared it on social media…again!

Number 2- There is something to be said for transparency. I know, I know, I’m always preaching “downloads don’t matter!” And I truly believe that downloads don’t matter because your podcast is adding to your overall platform of content marketing; it’s not your ONLY vehicle for communicating with your audience so try not to obsess over it. BUT the reason I like the leader board is because it is giving your followers a sneak preview into just how many listeners you have following you without revealing the big number of total downloads. It gives you credibility.

So, thanks Gene Hammett for interviewing me and featuring me on your leader board!

I invite other podcasters to utilize this tool as a great way to spotlight their guests


If you’d like to learn more about how Interview Connections can book your next ‘leader board worthy guests’, go to InterviewConnections.com!

If you’d like to interview me on your podcast, simply email me at Jessica@InterviewConnections.com!

Forget Statistics!!

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs booking them as guest experts on other podcasts and there is a common misconception that many people have…

A lot of entrepreneurs think that when deciding on whether or not they should appear on a podcast as a guest, the most important thing they should consider is how many listeners the show has. Although appearing on a very succesful show is of course very beneficial for you, I encourage everyone not to use statistics as a deal breaker.

I have many examples of when even smaller shows have helped guests to acquire new clients, new followers and to grow a ’celebrity expert’ status. Additionally, several of the celebrity guest experts I’ve invited to speak on my client’s podcasts never asked how many listeners the podcast has. They know that if you first have a ’taker’ mindset instead of just focusing on the content you can give with your guest appearance, you will lose out on many fantastic opportunities to build long-lasting relationships. If you are primarily a ’giver’ though in your interviews, who agrees to appear even on smaller shows because your main goal is to provide quality content and valuable information, you will be rewarded with many new clients in the long run.

When you help others get what they want, you get what you want!

If you value quality guests who value giving valuable actionable content, join us at Interview Connections!

How To Increase Your Podcast Downloads Using Pinterest


I have found an amazing strategy in using Pinterest to increase the number of downloads and subscribers to my client’s podcast.

Do you want to know what it is? Ready? I’ll pull back the curtain here…. “JUST ASK!”

Well, there’s a bit more to it than that but quite honestly, it’s not that complicated. Here are some basic steps you can take to use Pinterest to increase your podcast downloads and subscribers.

1. Either convert your personal page to a business page or start a business Pinterest page. The reason for doing this is so you can use the Pinterest analytics feature.

2. Create a board (or boards) for your podcast. This is a great way to organize and showcase your episodes by topic or month you aired them. I do Jim Palmer’s Pinterest marketing and we organize his podcast’s by topic into separate boards. John Lee Dumas of EOFire has his podcast episodes organized by month. I like both because it helps organize and decrease that feeling of information overload.

3. Create a promotional podcast graphic and link it to the podcast episode website.

4. When people repin the graphic, leave a comment for them thanking them, asking if they enjoyed the episode and inviting them to subscribe.

Since there are no direct messages on Pinterest, there isn’t a whole lot of engagement between users happening. When you leave a comment, you really stand out and people appreciate the interaction! You will gain more followers this way, which gets your pins shown more on the Pinterest feed, which ultimately drives more traffic to your podcast website!

To learn how ESS can help you increase your subscribers and downloads, visit us at www.InterviewConnections.com

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