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Why You Need a One Sheet

Imagine going to the grocery store to buy a box of cereal.  Instead of the colorful, descriptive boxes lining the shelves, all you find are plain brown boxes with price tags and a little note saying “The box of cereal is perfect for you!”  It would be pretty hard to figure out which box was actually the one you wanted, right?

The same is true when you are pitching yourself as a guest expert without a one sheet.  How is a host supposed to say YES without getting a good picture of who you are?  A one sheet does just that.  Its a one-page document that describes you as the great guest you are!  It showcases your expertise concisely and attractively to let podcast hosts know who you are and what you have to offer their audience.  If you’ve never seen a one sheet, here’s mine:

You’ll notice some key things here: a bio, interview topics, headshot, contact information, etc.  Your one sheet should give a host all the information they need to not only decide if they want to have you on their show, but also how to contact you and set up the interview.

But one sheets aren’t just for guest experts!  If you are a host and want the best guests for your show, a one sheet is an absolutely essential tool.  A one sheet for a podcast should include a synopsis of the show, general topics, a host bio, contact info, etc.  You want to ATTRACT guests to your show, and you want them to be informed.  You don’t want guests turning you down, and even more importantly, you don’t want guests showing up for an interview unprepared.  When they have all the information they need in one, consolidated place, you’re making their job (and yours!) much easier and setting yourselves up for a great interview