What Is A Podcast One-Sheet & How To Write The Best One For Your Business

Your one-sheet is a single page of information that should be a mix of an elevator pitch and of a press release that includes your most recent accomplishments.

Podcast one sheets are super important when you’re getting booked on podcasts! They serve two main purposes.

First, they communicate to podcast hosts why you are a great fit for their podcast. Second, they give podcast hosts everything they need to be prepared for an interview with you.

Our Interview Tips FOR PODCAST HOSTS

A One-Sheet Is The Window Which Broadly Exhibits The Value Of Your Podcast To The World

Your one-sheet is a single page of information that should be considered as a mix of an elevator pitch and press release, which highlights your primary interview topics and questions which relate to your field of expertise.

The main focus of the one-sheet is to showcase your expertise in an efficient, precise, and visually pleasing way so as to make podcast hosts aware of who you are and the value you can potentially offer their audience.

Whatever goal you may have for trying to appear on podcasts should be secondary to one primary focus: providing a unique value to the podcast’s audience, which they would otherwise never receive if not for you and your perspective in your field. When you consider that as your primary objective, you will be able to reflect that in your one sheet but also start to garner more effective appearances on podcasts.

Ultimately, you’re hoping to promote the notion that, as a guest, you can teach the audiences something new or highlight a perspective about which they have never thought.

A Media Kit and A Podcast One Sheet Are Closely Related But They Are Not The Same Document

An effective one-sheet is more like a resume than an entire set of resources (like a media kit) that someone can use for an intentional and focused view of your expertise.  Like a focused resume, the one-sheet should be limited to its namesake, one sheet of paper (or digital page).

Whereas a comprehensive media kit would include not only your one-sheet but also a description of you/your podcast, contact info, and other resources such as multiple professional photos of you, past guests, or recording space, etc., social media stats and handles, any partnerships and collaborations you’ve entered, and relevant testimonials.

While the media kit is useful and holds an important place in your arsenal, a one-sheet is singularly focused on promoting you as a great interview guest or podcast.

Why It Is Important For You To Have A Superb One-Sheet Which Represents Your Value To Audiences

Imagine going to the grocery store to buy a box of cereal.  Instead of the colorful, descriptive boxes lining the shelves, all you find are plain brown boxes with price tags and a little note saying, “The box of cereal is perfect for you!”  It would be pretty hard to figure out which box was actually the one you most liked.

The same is true when you are pitching yourself as a guest expert without a one sheet.  How is a host supposed to say YES without getting a good picture of who you are?

But one-sheets aren’t just for guest experts!  If you are a host and want the best guests for your show, a one-sheet is an absolutely essential tool.

What Are The Most Important Parts Of A One-Sheet Which You MUST Have?

1. A Professional and Visually Unique Design That Aligns With Your Branding

Design is a key factor in your one-sheet. Consumers are bombarded by phenomenal design work on a daily basis and have grown accustomed to that level of work. While your one-sheet doesn’t have to be meticulously manicured like those ads, it must be professional, clean, and aligned with your brand.

To that end, the colors and graphics on the one-sheet should be consistent with all of your other marketing materials so that your customers can inherently know your style without having to look too deeply.  It might be a good idea to work with a professional designer to create a piece that highlights your content in the most visually appealing manner.

Though, if you’re tight on budget, there are plenty of design tutorials available via Youtube and/or Pinterest.

2. A Distinct Theme Or Goal You Hope To Bring To The Table

The most important element of creating a useful one-sheet is to have a specific goal in mind.  If you start by creating a strong goal, your one-sheet will be positioned to be successful in the long run.

The foundational goal of the one sheet is to easily communicate to hosts the value you can bring to their audience and to set you up to talk about the topics that will easily motivate listeners to want to work with you.

As such, setting a clear goal will help you determine what content you need to include.

3. An Appealing Photo Of You And A Well Crafted Bio

There is a range of different photos you can choose for any artistic purpose that you are trying to convey to other hosts. Irrespective of the artistic value, please make sure you choose a high-resolution photo where you look friendly and inviting.

For the most part, headshots, where you’re smiling and making eye contact with the camera, tend to work best. There are also plenty of ways to get a great headshot taken at home and on a budget!!

While a complimentary photo is a necessity, your bio holds just as must significance as a good photo. It should be written in the third person so the host can easily read it as an intro to yourself or your podcast.

Be sure to include your biggest accomplishments in the bio so you can highlight your credibility – but don’t rely too heavily on flowery and subjective language. For example, “I’m the foremost expert on [insert your field here].” Are you really? You might be, but unless there is another publication or credible source which holds the same thought, then it might be prudent to stay away from language like that.

4. Interview Topics & Questions

Your one-sheet should include a bullet-pointed list of topics that podcast hosts could interview you about. These should be broader than a specific question but targeted enough so the host can see how your interview will bring value to their audience. If you’re an author, you can get great interview topic ideas from the table of contents of your book!

This is your opportunity to set yourself up for success on podcast interviews! What do you want hosts to ask you? Write questions that will set you up to talk about what will bring the most value to your target audience.

Check Out A Few Of The Many Podcast One-Sheets Designed By Interview Connections:

How To Use A Podcast One-Sheet In A Way Which Most Benefits Your Business - Starting Today

As a relatively easy and affordable resource to pull together quickly, there are several ways to use a one-sheet to your best benefit:

  1. Give it to business partners, new business connections, social media connections, and people in your community with whom you share similar interests.
  2. Include it with reports you’re giving and proposals you make to clients/ potential vendors.
  3. You obviously have a website, so make your one-sheet a downloadable PDF there! That way, literally anyone can read your one-sheet, and you can send people to not just your one-sheet but also have them exposed to your site as well.

The One-Sheet Is A Living Document And You Should Tailor It To Fit Your Specific Needs

While you don’t have to tailor it for every show you pitch yourself to be on, we do recommend that you keep tweaking this content over time to keep it updated on the most current topics, questions, and perspectives you bring to the table.

Having a ‘base template’ you’re working off each time can be useful, but remember, this is about showing off who you are, your personality, and the value you can provide to the host and their audience.

Plan your approach and information out, tweak it, and then plug it into a one-sheet template.

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