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Why You Need a Home Base on the Web

Whether you want to be a podcast guest or host an interview podcast and attract and book tons of awesome guests, you need to establish yourself as a ‘public figure.’ In other words, you need to make it easy for people to learn about who YOU are; what is your story? What are your main areas of expertise? What gives you the credibility to talk about your topic or host a show on your topic?

I recommend everyone have a home base on the web. This is not your sales page or just an about section of your business website. I could certainly write a few more blog posts just about what your about page should have! What I’m talking about here is branding yourself as an in-demand expert by having a website with your name as the domain.

A few of our clients at Interview Connections do this very well.

I could go on, but I hope you see a pattern here. Your business website’s purpose is to sell your product or service. Your home base website’s purpose is to position you as a celebrity; a public figure, an in demand speaker and interview guest.

Do not make the mistake of having one site with 10 different purposes. If someone who visits your website is unsure of where to find what they’re looking for, they’ll leave in seconds.

“But Jessica, on my business website I have a press section with info all about me!”

Friend, of course your business website will have background info on you. The purpose of that info is to help you SELL your product or service. By having background info and a bio of the founder of the company, you’re helping convince people that they should buy your product or service. You can see an example of this at below the “Why Choose Interview Connections!” headline. You can see me there, and background info. However that’s written in a way to establish credibility and convince people they should work with Interview Connections.

My bio on my home base (the website you’re currently reading this on!) is written in a way that establishes me as an in demand speaker. I’m not trying to sell my services in that bio, I’m positioning me as an in demand expert on podcasting.

So, where is your home base? Do you have one?