What Do I Do When a Podcaster Accepts Me as a Guest?

Congratulations!  You’ve been accepted as a guest on a great podcast….now what?

The first and I mean FIRST thing you need to before you do anything else is thank the host.  Show your appreciation for them opening up time on their show for you, and say “THANK YOU!”  If your assistant schedules your interviews for you, please make sure they are expressing your gratitude to the host on your behalf.  Having a gracious attitude will set the tone all your future interactions and for the interview itself.  You could even send the host a free gift of one of your products in the mail.  Just ask the host for their mailing address when you schedule!

And don’t be afraid to express yourself in your own authentic voice. I know some people don’t think exclamation points are professional, but I think they show excitement and appreciation!  So go ahead and express your genuine gratitude with a few well-placed exclamation points, if that is your personal style.

Once you’ve thanked the host, move directly to getting the interview scheduled.  If the host does not automatically provide you with scheduling information, ask if they have a scheduling calendar for you to select a date.  While using scheduling calendars is something I highly recommend, not all hosts use them.  So send along your phone number and offer to arrange details of the interview over the phone.  This is a great way to connect with the host before the interview as well as work out the details.

With a date and time set, it’s time to do your homework and get ready for your interview.  Have your equipment and software ready and set reminders so you don’t forget about it in your busy schedule!  If something does come up and you have to reschedule, contact the host right away and apologize for the inconvenience.  But don’t be surprised if the host has to cancel or schedule your far in the future as a result.  Adopt an attitude of graciousness no matter what the outcome is.

Now you’re ready to get booked!  Come check out Interview Connections, and we’ll get you interviewed on the best podcasts for your niche.