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Who is Your Podcast Avatar?

It’s impossible to run a successful business without knowing who your target market is, and the same is true with podcasting!  Whether you are a podcast host or guest expert, you need to identify your ideal listener if podcasting is going to be a successful medium to grow your business.  Here are my tips for identifying your podcast avatar and integrating it into your podcasting strategy.

  1. Align your avatar with your goals – What is your goal with podcasting?  Are you hoping to grow your email list or increase enrollment for your online course?  Maybe you want to fill the open slots in your coaching program.  Whatever your goal may be, think of the most ideal person you want fulfilling those goals for you.
  2. Get specific – Building a podcast avatar is all about the details.  A lot of clients I speak to about this are afraid to get too narrow in their avatar, but the more specific you get, the more you can drill down on the best podcasts to get interviewed on or on the best content to share on your own podcast.  Get into demographics!  Age, employment, interests, geographical location, etc., all of these important traits will help you narrow down the exact identity of your ideal listener and your client.  I encourage you to get a pen and paper and write these traits out until you have a clear picture of your podcast avatar.
  3. Use your avatar to shape your podcast strategy – Once you have developed your podcast avatar, use that information wisely.  If you are a guest expert, do your research and find out what shows your avatar is listening to.  It might not be that big flashy podcast with millions of downloads that you’ve had your heart set on.  You are far more likely to reach your ideal listener on niched shows that speak directly to your avatar.  If you are a podcast host, there is a wealth of information you can glean from your podcast avatar!  Do they enjoy a loose, conversational format or a more rigid, structured show?  Maybe you’ve been doing a series of guest expert interviews, only to find out that your avatar prefers to hear YOU instead.  There are lots of changes you can make, big and small, to best reach your target audience.

At Interview Connections, we help both our podcast host and guest expert clients identify and get in front of their podcast avatar.  We’d love to help you too!