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rockthecast | Dec 29, 2016

People consume content in different ways, depending on their learning styles. I am an auditory learner, so if you ask me what my favorite book is, I might not have a great answer OR I’ll tell you the last book I listened to on Audible!

Not everyone is a auditory learner, some people will prefer to read or watch videos. So, in order to reach a wider audience, I advise you repurpose your podcast into multiple formats. Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Get your podcast transcribed – Not everyone has the time or desire to listen to a whole podcast, but they shouldn’t have to miss out on the great content you are sharing!  Transcribe your podcast or your podcast interviews on other shows and host the transcriptions on your website for easy access.  Transcription is very affordable through a service like Rev.
  2. Write a blog answering your FAQ’s – To get your blog going, follow the same action steps from my blog about video marketing. Instead of filming 10 two-minute videos, simply write out your answers to the questions you are most frequently asked… or the questions that are most frequent in your industry or on your podcast interviews. If you haven’t been asked a lot of questions yet, go into the Facebook groups and LinkedIn forums where your target audience is hanging out and take note of the most frequently asked questions from group members. If writing is really a struggle for you, there are literally hundreds of ghostwriters and virtual assistants who can help, so don’t abandon your blog because you don’t have the time or desire to write!

Simple steps, big results.  By publishing a consistent and content-rich blog, you can reach a whole new audience with wide-reaching medium.  Don’t limit yourself to JUST podcasting, JUST videos, or JUST blogs!  Reach your target market through the medium that speaks to them the best.

And when you are ready to add podcasting to your marketing plan, contact me and my team at Interview Connections!

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