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Podcasting Longevity

It’s difficult to keep podcasting after three to six months when it seems like you’re not seeing an ROI and no one from your audience is engaging with you. But it takes a long time to see that ROI so how do you stick with it? Here are my top tips:

You have to love it.

While it is important to have a podcast avatar, for me to continue podcasting, I must personally be interested in the show. If you love the topic that you’re podcasting about, you won’t have trouble keeping your show going for a long time. Most people quit their show because it either falls too low on their priority list, or they are not interested enough in the topic of the show. If you’re not into the show anymore, change up the focus of the podcast.

You have to make it a priority.

Look around at all the successful entrepreneurs and marketers who have big followings and are interviewed all the time on podcasts. Most of them are marketing their businesses by podcasting, blogging, doing videos, writing books, speaking, and going to conferences. In short, they are hustling and doing the hard work it takes to grow a successful business. They know that not every marketing tactic will result in a lot of direct sales, but like ingredients in a soup, it’s all necessary for the best outcome.

My coach, Jim Palmer, shared a powerful comment to our mastermind group. Before he started hosting live events to grow his coaching business, a mentor asked him, “What makes you think you deserve the same level of success as other people when you’re not willing to do the work they’re doing?”

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