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What to Do if a Podcaster is Making You Jump Through Hoops to Schedule

A recurring theme I am seeing in the feedback I get from our guest expert clients at Interview Connections is that podcast hosts are making it more and more difficult to schedule interviews.  Here are the most common mistakes I’m seeing podcast hosts make when they are scheduling guests and what hosts should be doing instead.

  1. Multiple emails back and forth to schedule – Email is probably the most inefficient way to communicate.  When you’re scheduling an appointment, you end up sending emails back and forth multiple times to find a time that works for everyone and wasting a lot of time in the process.  There are multiple online calendars you can use like Schedule Once or Calendly, but if you prefer not to use an online scheduler, pick up the phone and CALL.  Get the interview on both of your schedules while you are live together on the phone, instead of the hassle and frustration of playing email tag.
  2. Long pre-interview forms – Great guest often have professional one-sheets that will contain their bio, interview topics and questions, contact information, etc, and when you book them on your show, you’ll get a copy of this.  So why, then, is it necessary to have incredibly long pre-interview forms or applications that require guests to tediously type in the same information you already have?  Granted, not all guests may have one sheets or media pages with the information you need, and in that case, you may need to collect information from them using a form.  However, this should be the exception, NOT the rule!  Long forms will only serve to turn away amazing guests who might just be a great fit for your show.
  3. Pre-interview calls – More and more hosts are scheduling “pre-interviews” calls before the actual interview.  The purpose of these calls is to test software, test internet connection, go over content, etc.  As one of our clients Marty MacDonald said, “If you have to set up a call to test your internet connection in this day and age, you have much bigger problems.”  These calls are nothing but a waste of time.  It’s ridiculous to force your guest to clear an entirely different block of time on their calendar!  If you do want to take time to go over content and test the technical aspects of the interview, allot time at the beginning of your scheduled interview to do so.  Add a 5-10 minute buffer before you start the actual interview to troubleshoot any problems, and you’ll be fine.

All this goes back to one simple rule that every podcast host should follow: Respect your guests’ time. The more you make guests jump through hoops, the more you are going to turn great guests away.  Most hosts want to interview successful people, and successful people are BUSY, just like you.  Respect their time and make it easy to interview on your show!

If you are looking for great guests for your podcast, come check out Interview Connections, and we can connect you with amazing experts for your show.