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Setting Clear Expectations

No matter what strategies you are using to grow your business; podcasting, hiring a business coach, attending a conference, trying a new marketing channel, etc., it is absolutely essential that you set clear and realistic expectations.  Without setting clear expectations right from the get go, you will find yourself frustrated along the way simply because most investments you make in your business do not deliver immediate results. Without setting clear expectations, you might become a marketing quitter!

Keep in mind how long it might take for you to see results with the marketing strategies you invest in.  If you record a podcast interview today, your phone is not going to be ringing off the hook with new clients tomorrow. It could take months before the show is released online and then weeks before most listeners download the interview.

It takes time to see results from your marketing efforts, and you need to keep that realistic timeline in mind.  I recently started working with Lindsey Anderson of Traffic and Leads to improve my SEO and Facebook advertising.  She was upfront with me right from the beginning for what I should expect and essentially told me that the first $500 of Facebook advertising dollars would pretty much be going down the drain!  That was simply because there was a lot of testing to be done to figure out what was going to work for me.  I was so grateful for Lindsey’s honesty, so I could be prepared for a longer timeline to get results.

When I meet with new clients at Interview Connections, we set expectations from our very first conversation.  While podcasting is seen by many as the newest, hottest marketing technique that is making everyone millionaires overnight, the truth is that podcasting is a very effective marketing method that requires a lot of work both before and after the episodes go live.  It’s important to me that my clients know this and are on board with the podcasting process.  But no matter what you are doing to build your business, set yourself up for real success by making sure your expectations are clear and your timelines are realistic!