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What Makes A Good Podcast?: How To Make Your Podcasts More Conversational And Have People Truly Listen To Your Content

What makes a good podcast? Some of my favorite podcast episodes feel like nothing more than a good conversation. Making your podcasts conversational, however, is not something that always comes naturally.

If you are starting a podcast, or even if you have been a log time podcast host like Marc Maron, here are 4 of our best tips on how to make successful podcast interviews more conversational and keep your listeners engaged:

Be a welcoming and gracious host

Set the stage for a great interview by being warm and welcoming with your guest. Invite them to be relaxed and honest.  When you are open and friendly, your guests will feel more comfortable sharing personal experiences.  This will help the conversation flow, break the ice, and keep your audiences engaged.

Share your own stories

Even though your interview-based podcast is spotlighting your guest, your target audience wants to hear from you, too!  Share your own true story, or stories, and perspective so the interview sounds less like a job interview and more like real conversation.

Pause before you ask your next question

While it’s easy to rush to the next question after a guest has finished with their answer, the best interview shows make a conscious effort to pause before they move on to the next question.  This will allow the guest to expand on their answer with a personal story or anecdote or even lead the conversation in a new direction, spurred on by something that came up in their answer.

Go off script and actually be conversational in your podcasts

While it’s great to be prepared for your interview with a list of questions you’d like to ask your guests, don’t let that preparation dictate how the interview goes. You don’t always to stick to a specific topic.

If your conversation is going in a really interesting direction of subject matter, don’t cut it off to get on with your next question.  Follow the natural flow of the conversation and allow that amazing content to reach your audience.

So don’t be afraid to loosen up, be yourself and open your podcast up to fantastic conversations with your guests.

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