Podcasting Longevity

It’s difficult to keep podcasting after three to six months when it seems like you’re not seeing an ROI and no one from your audience is engaging with you. But it takes a long time to see that ROI so how do you stick with it? Here are my top tips:

While it is important to have a podcast avatar, for me to continue podcasting, I must personally be interested in the show. If you love the topic that you’re podcasting about, you won’t have trouble keeping your show going for a long time. Most people quit their show because it either falls too low on their priority list, or they are not interested enough in the topic of the show. If you’re not into the show anymore, change up the focus of the podcast. […]

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Podcast Launch Blueprint

In October 2014, I launched my podcast Rhodes to Success and then in 2015, Corey Coates and I launched our show, The Podcast Producers. Since 2013, I’ve helped dozens of podcasters launch their show by bookings great guests for their show. With this experience in mind, here my top tips for launching a podcast.

You have to know what your goal is for the podcast and be crystal clear about it. Where do you want your podcast to go? Is your goal to market your business or do you envision it becoming its own revenue-generating entity with sponsors and advertisers? You have to know what your goal is before you begin investing time and money into your effort or you will never get the results you want. […]

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Podcasting: Only a Piece to the Marketing Puzzle

Podcasting is a passion of mine, and if you have spent any time on my blog or learning about my company, Interview Connections, you know I love helping people grow their business with the power of podcasting. But the truth is, podcasting is part of the marketing puzzle! It takes time before the right people hear your show, join your community, opt in to your email list, and get to know, like, and trust you enough before they invest financially in your products and services… before they open their wallets and hand you money. […]

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How to Select the Right Topics for Your Podcast Interviews

You believe in the power of podcasting to grow your business and you’re ready to start getting interviewed on podcasts yourself. With the huge number of shows and topics out there, how do you know which topics you should be interviewed about? Here are three ways to determine your guest expert interview topics.

1. Know why you are getting interviewed – First and foremost, you need to identify your goal for doing interviews. Are you hoping to grow your email list? Do you want more buyers for your online course? Having a clear goal in mind will help you focus your topic list down to drive listeners to what you want them to do most. […]

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How to Not Be A Jerk in Podcasting

No matter how much you plan, how much you prepare, how much you communicate, in the world of podcasting (and let’s face it, in the world in general), things will go wrong. You will get stood up for an interview, your microphone will die right as you are starting to record, your computer will crash taking all your precious audio files with it. These things are bound to happen, so what can you do to keep momentum? Be graceful. […]

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Know Your Audience Before You Pitch

There is a disturbing trend growing in the world of podcasting. It starts off something like this… “I love your show and I’d be a perfect guest for you! Let’s set it up!” Recognize this kind of pitch? It’s boring, impersonal, and makes it clear that the writer has done absolutely no research into your show or your audience. Whether from an individual or a guest booking service, these types of pitches are becoming all too common, and I’ve heard an overwhelming number of complaints about this in the podcasting community. […]

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The ONE Thing You Need to Know if You Want to be Booked on Podcasts!

In this episode I give some best practices and tips on how to manage and coordinate your podcast guests. In this short episode (only 3 minutes!) I’ll share with you the one thing you need to know if you want to be booked on podcasts as a guest expert! Don’t miss it! […]

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She Podcasters Speak! Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Want to Podcast

Later this fall, I’ll be launching the Rhodes to Success podcast and as a busy entrepreneur, I knew I didn’t have 10 extra hours a week to devote to the show; so I had to figure out how to produce a quality podcast that didn’t suck up all my time.

I’m a member of a really awesome Facebook group called She Podcasts, and in there are over 500 women podcasters! I decided to, for this blog post, ask the ladies in the group for some tips on how to start a podcast without having it suck up all your time! […]

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How I Get it All Done

Starting a business is a lot of work! On the outset, we see all these successful entrepreneurs and podcasters living the dream; they take vacation whenever they want, they’re location independent, and their income reports are off the charts!

What we don’t see are all the long and hard hours, sweat and tears (not to mention money!) they put into building their platform.

I work with a lot of new podcast hosts who, once starting their show, quickly get overwhelmed at how much work it is and the question arises: How do I get it all done? […]

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