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How to Produce a More Compelling Podcast

There is no shortage of marketing advice out there for increasing your podcast’s download numbers or making it to the top of the iTunes charts.  What truly makes a great podcast that attracts listeners, however, is a highly produced, high quality show with compelling content. Here are some simple yet high impact tips that will help you #RockthePodcast!

1. Custom music – While there is a host of options for free music to integrate into your podcast, what will really set you apart is music that is written and produced specifically for your show.  The music you hear on my show, Rhodes to Success, was is written, recorded, and produced entirely by my brother and his band, The Danger Os.  Its music that I know no one else is using and makes my show stand out.

2. Audio clips – I love listening to shows like David Ralph’s Join Up Dots and Dave Jackson’s The School of Podcasting because they seamlessly integrate relevant audio clips into their shows.  Rather than simply two people talking, David Ralph’s interviews include clips from movies, current events, etc. that not only help accent a point in the content but also grabs listeners attention and keeps them entertained.  Taking the time to edit in some great audio clips in post-production is a great way to make your podcast more compelling.

3. Ignore the experts – If you hop onto iTunes and listen to 10 different episodes of 10 different shows, chances are, you are going to start noticing a lot similarities.  Similar intros, similar music, similar show format, even similar content!  As much as it’s great to admire and be inspired by other shows, the most important thing you can do to create a compelling podcast is to be yourself! YOU DO YOU! Ditch the script, stop emulating the “experts” and do your own thing with your show.  People won’t want to listen to your show if you are just like everyone else.  Give your listeners a reason to listen to YOUR show!

Having great guests on your show is another way to generate compelling content, so come check out Interview Connections, where my expert team of guest bookers and I can get the best guests for your podcast.