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Forget Statistics!!

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs, booking them as guest experts on other podcasts, and there is a common misconception that many people have…

Many entrepreneurs think that when deciding whether or not they should appear on a podcast as a guest, the most important thing they should consider is how many listeners the show has. Although appearing on a very successful show is very beneficial for you, I encourage everyone not to use statistics as a deal breaker.

I have many examples of when even smaller shows have helped guests acquire new clients and followers and grow a ’celebrity expert’ status. Additionally, several of the celebrity guest experts I’ve invited to speak on my client’s podcasts never asked how many listeners the podcast has. They know that if you first have a ’taker’ mindset instead of just focusing on the content you can give with your guest appearance, you will lose out on many fantastic opportunities to build long-lasting relationships. Suppose you are primarily a ’giver’ though, in your interviews, who agrees to appear even on smaller shows because your main goal is to provide quality content and valuable information. In that case, you will be rewarded with many new clients in the long run.

You get what you want when you help others get what they want!

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