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Focus on Listener Retention over Acquisition

I’ve learned from the book Stick like Glue by Jim Palmer the importance of client retention. Focus more on making your current customers and clients happy, and you will have higher profits faster. As a podcaster, focus more on making your current listeners happy, and your download numbers will increase faster.

Having ten people download every episode in your first month for a weekly podcaster is 40 downloads. Alternatively, if your listeners only listen to one episode a month, you need 40 individuals downloading one episode each to get to 40 downloads. So, getting higher downloads faster is much easier when you focus on making your current listeners so happy that they subscribe and tune in every week!

So, what can you do to make your listeners happy and entice them to download every episode you produce? Listen to them and give them what they want! Send a survey to learn what guests they want to hear from and interact with on social media. Check out this blog post for more tips on engaging with your audience!