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The Importance of Engaging with Your Individual Listeners

Download stats aren’t just numbers.  They represent real, live people listening to what you have to say.  But whether your show gets 100,000 downloads or 100, you need to engage with your listeners on an individual basis. If you don’t, you are missing out on the opportunity to grow your audience and your business.  Here are 3 tips for engaging on an individual basis with your listeners:

  1. Make it easy for guests to contact you – During your podcast, have a clear and concise call to action.  Say and spell ONE method of contact (email, website, etc).  And most importantly, be AVAILABLE.  If you are receiving email or inquiries through your contact form, RESPOND.  Don’t leave listeners hanging when they WANT to be in touch with you!
  2. Engage on social media – Promoting your podcast or interviews on social media should be a no-brainer.  This is something ALL podcasters should be doing as part of their promotion strategy.  However, posting links to your interviews and even posting graphics does not mean the work is over.  You need to ENGAGE with your followers who are liking, commenting, and sharing your content.  Thank them for their engagement, ask them a follow-up question, and keep the conversation going!  Initiate new conversation by asking for feedback on an episode or to comment on a specific topic you covered.
  3. Treat your listeners like royalty – People listen to podcasts that their friends tell them about, and people are far more likely to recommend your podcast if you are going out of your way to treat them like they matter.  Ask your listeners for feedback.  Let them know that YOU are listening to THEM, and ask them for their questions or topics they would like you to cover in an upcoming episode.  Show you appreciation for them by offering listener-exclusive giveaways, because when your listeners feel valued, they will share your content and come to you when they a business need that you can meet.

Engaged listeners are happy listeners and happy listeners will naturally want to share the gem of a podcast they’ve found!

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