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The Leaderboard – A fantastic idea for podcasters

I’ve gotta tell you, I was extremely humbled and excited to hear from my friend and client, Gene Hammett when he emailed me to share that I was number 1 on his podcast leader board, which means I had gotten more downloads than any other episode!

A leaderboard is a new idea that I’ve been seeing pop up on podcast websites. It spotlights the top 5 guests with the most downloads and I have to say…I really love this idea!

Number 1- Podcasters all want their interviewees to promote their interviews; it’s one of the biggest challenges, right? Well, when Gene emailed me to tell me I was getting the most downloads out of all his guests (last I checked I had 559 downloads!) I immediately shared it on social media…again!

Number 2- There is something to be said for transparency. I know, I know, I’m always preaching “downloads don’t matter!” And I truly believe that downloads don’t matter because your podcast is adding to your overall platform of content marketing; it’s not your ONLY vehicle for communicating with your audience so try not to obsess over it. BUT, the reason I like the leaderboard is because it is giving your followers a sneak preview into just how many listeners you have following you without revealing the big number of total downloads. It gives you credibility.

So, thanks Gene Hammett for interviewing me and featuring me on your leaderboard!

I invite other podcasters to utilize this tool as a great way to spotlight their guests


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