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How to Select the Right Topics for Your Podcast Interviews

You believe in the power of podcasting to grow your business and you’re ready to start getting interviewed on podcasts yourself.  With the huge number of shows and topics out there, how do you know which topics you should be interviewed about? Here are three ways to determine your guest expert interview topics.

1. Know why you are getting interviewed – First and foremost, you need to identify your goal for doing interviews.  Are you hoping to grow your email list?  Do you want more buyers for your online course?  Having a clear goal in mind will help you focus your topic list down to drive listeners to what you want them to do most.

2. Know what your message is – If I asked you what you do in your business, you might come back with a long list of your services.  But if I asked you what you do BEST in your business, your answer might be a little more succinct.  While you may be able to cover a wide range of topics, it is important to focus your interview topics on what you know and do best.

Your message should also be directly tied to what is most profitable for your business.  Figure out what products and/or services attract the most clientele and tailor your message to fit those topics.

3. Know your specific angle – Podcast hosts are inundated with requests for interviews on their shows, so it is vitally important that you put your unique spin on your topics.  There are hundreds of “experts” out there, so what is it that makes you unique?  Take your core message and figure out what fresh, new take can you add to the conversation that will not only make hosts want to have you on their show, but also attract listeners to your interviews.

Once you’ve decided on your topics, showcase your expertise with an awesome one sheet, like these.  Click here to learn how my team at Interview Connections can help you select the best topics for your podcast interviews and create a custom one sheet.