Help! The Experts are Overwhelming Me!

Conferences, live events, mastermind groups and business coaches are all key ingredients in building a successful business and podcast. But too many of them can be a recipe for confusion and overwhelm. Watch this short video for my tips on how to cut down on the confusion and grow your business without the stress! […]

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How I Get it All Done

Starting a business is a lot of work! On the outset, we see all these successful entrepreneurs and podcasters living the dream; they take vacation whenever they want, they’re location independent, and their income reports are off the charts!

What we don’t see are all the long and hard hours, sweat and tears (not to mention money!) they put into building their platform.

I work with a lot of new podcast hosts who, once starting their show, quickly get overwhelmed at how much work it is and the question arises: How do I get it all done? […]

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