She Podcasters Speak! Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Want to Podcast

rockthecast | Aug 28, 2014

Later this fall, I’ll be launching the Rhodes to Success podcast and as a busy entrepreneur, I knew I didn’t have 10 extra hours a week to devote to the show; so I had to figure out how to produce a quality podcast that didn’t suck up all my time.

I’m a member of a really awesome Facebook group called She Podcasts, and in there are over 500 women podcasters! I decided to, for this blog post, ask the ladies in the group for some tips on how to start a podcast without having it suck up all your time!

Here’s what I got… enjoy the tips and check out these awesome shows they host!


Jessica Kupferman, co-host of She Podcasts says “Make sure you outsource what you can afford. Scheduling, follow up, marketing, whatever it takes to have less tasks but still get the job done.”





sandySandy Sidhu, host of The Business Ignite Show, says “Record in batches (interviews, solo episodes) that way you have content lined up weeks in advance and it’s much easier to schedule and plan your time.”




malieMallie Rydzik, host of The Off-Road Millennial, says “Don’t get behind on editing if you’re doing it yourself! The interviews and recording time are fun, but the real work starts with massaging the audio to perfection.”




Jill Stanton, host of Screw the Nine to Five, says “Be yourself and speak as though you are just talking to one jillperson. It helps to remove the nerves and gets you over the ‘I’m just talking to a microphone’ feeling.”





momat41Karen Osburn, host of Mom at 41, says “Take it one step at a time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the tasks, so reach out to online groups and networks for help. And, remember your WHY for doing the podcast in the first place!”






Lisa Cummings, host of 100k Career Q&A says “Make a template in your audio editing software so you don’t have to remix your intro and outro every time.” lisa





lauraLaura Jones, who is launching her creative grasshopper podcast next week, says “Have a pre-interview ritual that allows you to relax and center yourself so you can be a fully present and engaged listener.”





There were a bunch of other tips given and if you’re a woman podcaster, please join the She Podcasts Facebook group to check them all out!

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