Goals for Podcast Interviews

Eric met Jessica and Margy at FinCon 2017 where they were exhibiting for Interview Connections. At the time, he literally didn’t even know what a podcast was but he had a goal to expand his brand and ‘move the needle’ in his business.


Eric began his podcasting journey by appearing as a guest expert on a couple dozen leading finance and business podcasts in 2017.

In 2018, he flew to Providence, RI for a VIP Strategy Day with Interview Connections owners, Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn to map out the launch of the second phase of his podcasting journey; hosting the show, Don’t Retire, Graduate!

Jessica and Margy worked with Eric to map out a strategy so his interview appearances on other shows, and his own podcast would ultimately lead to more clients in his financial planning firm in Baltimore, Maryland.


Eric has seen a 400-500% return on his investment with Interview Connections. One of his podcast interview appearances went viral and led to over 20 new clients in his firm.

Eric has also added over 2000 people to his email list by creating a landing page with a specific lead magnet that Jessica and Margy helped him create at his VIP Strategy Day in Providence.

To learn more about how you can work with Jessica and Margy privately for a VIP Strategy Day, email guestexpert@interviewconnections.com.

To listen to Eric’s podcast, visit DontRetireGraduate.com