Winnie Chan Wang

Winnie Chan Wang

Landed a Keynote Speaking Opportunity from Podcast Guesting

Winnie Chan Wang is a trauma-informed licensed acupuncturist, teacher, shadow worker, Reiki and Shamanic Tao healer, as well as a professor in acupuncture at Alhambra Medical University. She is passionate about empowering people with chronic pain to step into their source power to heal themselves. In her book “Honoring Darkness” that she co-authored with

Ji W. Choi, a doctoral candidate in psychology, searched deep into their traumas and made lemonade out of the lemons. As they navigated the darkness of grief, anger, suppression, fear, unworthiness, defensiveness, lack of mentality, taking everyone for granted, manipulation and shame, they gained trust and purpose.


Winnie’s goals for being a podcast guest were to increase her credibility as a speaker, share her message of healing, and promote her book. Her client load was already maxed out, but she believed that there were people who she could help by sharing her own stories of overcoming depression and anxiety.


Winnie’s Booking Team got straight to work finding shows that centered around the variety of healing modalities that she is an expert in. Winnie also committed herself to show up to the Interview Connections Client Networking calls and training sessions, where she learned tips on how to be a better podcast guest that she immediately implemented.


After just one month into podcast guesting, Winnie officially started her career as an International Speaker! After being heard on a podcast, she was invited to speak in person at a charity gala as a keynote speaker in front of a live audience!



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