Aimee LaLiberte

Aimee LaLiberte

$15k Client After One Podcast Interview

Aimee LaLiberte – Virtual CFO

As the owner of My Virtual CFO, Aimee is a trusted profitability advisor to six and seven-figure business owners who are tired of being behind in their books and are ready to uncover blind spots, course correct, and ultimately get more profitable.

In this case study, we’ll tell you how Aimee landed a $15k client after the first podcast we booked her on went live!


Aimee joined Interview Connections to get booked on podcasts in order to meet her goals to share her expertise, increase her brand awareness, and attract new clients into her CFO business.



In order to help Aimee meet her goals, we identified and booked her as a guest expert on podcasts where her expertise was needed by the listening audience, which included shows about business operations, accounting/bookkeeping, leadership, marketing, coaching, and money mindset. We also focused on booking her on shows with hosts who fit the description of her ideal potential clients, which tend to be six and seven-figure service-based entrepreneurs.


Aimee knew that her ideal clients were listening to podcasts. She decided that she could no longer be the best-kept secret in her industry. Aimee double-downed on podcast guesting and went all in.

After her first podcast interview went live, she had a listener of that show book a consult call and they invested in her $15k program!

Aimee recommends that to see incredible results like hers, you must be willing to put in the time and investment. You have to understand that in order to generate consistent results, this is a long-term strategy and you must always have a mindset of service! If you put your best foot forward on podcasts, the sales will come.

Aimee says, “There is no better place to be than Interview Connections. They know what they are doing, they are the industry leader. They will get you in front of your ideal client base because they are seasoned professionals. You really can’t go wrong!”

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