Ben Hockema

Ben Hockema

New Financial Planning Client Closed From 3rd Podcast Interview

Ben Hockema, CFP® is the founder of Illuminate Wealth Management based in Chicago, Illinois, with clients from 14 states.

Ben is passionate about helping the everyday person trying their best to succeed in today’s financial landscape. He is determined to help people overcome the shame marketing that is rampant in today’s financial industry and turn their stress surrounding money into the calming clarity that comes on the path to achieving their greatest potential.

Ben works with individuals and families on their full financial picture; everything from cash flow and paying for education to saving, strategizing, and investing for big goals such as retirement. By guiding his clients to align their financial life with their personal life, they’re able to identify where to spend and where to save, finding balance in and developing a path that is unique to their own goals, hopes, and dreams.


When Ben became a client of Interview Connections, his goal was to attract qualified new leads and clients to his wealth management practice. Specifically, he wanted to close 1-2 new clients in the first 6 months.



In Ben’s onboarding month with his Booking Team, he shared a lot of detailed information about his target audience and the types of shows he was thinking of being a guest on. At the time of this case study publication, Ben has been booked on 8 podcasts and he consistently discusses with his Client Coach what works and what doesn’t work about each of the shows we connect him with. These discussions are what led Ben and his Booking Team to adjust the types of shows we’re booking him on, moving away from financial shows and focusing more on parenting shows which more clearly speak to his ideal client.

He makes a conscious effort to listen to 2-3 episodes of the podcasts we book him on so he can be prepared to give a great interview and really understand what it is the host wants and does not want.


The biggest success Ben has experienced so far is that the third podcast host we booked him with became a client after the podcast, resulting in a positive return on his investment in working with Interview Connections!

Ben attributes this success to honing in on the ideal target podcast for him, and the fact that he was not trying to sell anything. He was being himself, and focusing on giving value to the host so his audience would learn something! Through that process, the host could see how Ben would be with them as a client of his financial planning firm.



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