Nagina Abdullah

Nagina Abdullah

Multiple High Ticket Clients from Podcast Guesting

Nagina Abdullah – Health Coach

Nagina Abdullah, founder of Masala Body, is a health coach for female professionals, corporate executives, and 7-figure entrepreneurs.

She teaches tested and perfected metabolism-boosting strategies to help women lose 20-40 pounds while working 60+ hours a week even if they have tried everything.

Nagina has a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley, an MBA from NYU Stern AND worked for a top 4 consulting firm as a management consultant before starting her health coaching business. She has been featured in, Business Insider,, and many more prominent publications!


Nagina had her internal team book her on podcasts before coming to Interview Connections, so her primary goal when signing up with our services was to free herself and her team from the work of booking her. Her second goal was to get right in front of her exact clientele of educated, smart, and focused women, which helped direct our team to find the shows that her ideal clients are listening to. Finally, Nagina’s third goal was to repurpose her interviews across her social media platforms. 


With Nagina’s goals in mind, our booking team got to work on finding shows speaking to her target audience of 6&7 figure entrepreneurs. She worked closely with her Client Coach here at Interview Connections to learn how to foster a strong relationship with the hosts of the shows so that she could provide the most value to their audience, which would then lead to listeners reaching out to her about her offerings. By maintaining contact with the host after her interviews were recorded, the gates of opportunities for collaborations were endless. Nagina has invited several podcasts hosts to be featured in front of her audience, which was another strategy for nurturing her relationship with them, leading to more referrals, leads and clients. 


Nagina has generated over $24,000 in sales from the podcasts we booked her on! With her mindset to commit to the long-term strategy of getting on four podcasts a month for a year, Nagina has achieved her goal to establish herself as a thought leader in the health coaching industry.

In addition to closing multiple high ticket clients who heard her as a guest on podcast, Nagina also saw value in how getting interviewed consistently helped her gain more clarity in her messaging, as well as learning exactly what her target audience wants and needs to learn from her.



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