Jack Bosch

Over $250,000 in Sales from Podcast Interviews


We work with many real estate investors at Interview Connections. Podcasts are high end networking, so they’re a perfect opportunity to build relationships, find other investors, find new deals and more! For investors with an educational focus, they’re also a great way to sell courses and attract high quality leads.

In this case study, you’ll learn about a real estate investor and educator who generated $15,000 in sales from a single podcast interview, and now estimates his ROI to be over $150k!

Jack Bosch

About the Client

Known as “the Land Guy,” Jack Bosch is a real estate investor, educator, husband, and father. Originally an immigrant from Germany who came over with just 2 suitcases and a bunch of student debt, Jack (with his wife Michelle) have found their niche in Real Estate. Since 2002, he has been buying and selling lots and unimproved land and has flipped more than 4,000 transactions. It only took him 18 months to go from Zero to $1M. Since 2008, Jack also has been educating those who either find houses too challenging or are unsatisfied with the competition and teaching them how to make more money from simple land and lot flips. Plus, he has figured out a way to make land cash flow massively and consistently with checks coming in for years and even decades.

In addition to land flips, Jack also owns a portfolio of rental houses, commercial properties and even large apartment buildings. However, land and lots is his first passion because as he says there are no “Tenants, Toilets and Termites” on land, which really means no repairs, no inspections, no mold, no contractors. While still flipping over 100 properties a year, Jack now spends 2-4 months a year traveling the world with his family. He designed his business to fit his lifestyle, and the cash and cash flow from his business and investments allows him and his family the luxury of living life on its own terms.

Jack is also a #1 bestselling author of the financial literacy book “Forever Cash, Break the Earn-Spend Cycle, Take Charge of Your Life, and Build Everlasting Wealth” and hosts the successful podcast “Forever Cash Life – Real Estate Podcast

Goals for Podcast Interviews

When Jack signed up with Interview Connections, his main goal for getting booked on podcasts was to bring more exposure and brand awareness to his company. A secondary goal was to get direct sales from podcasts and affiliate partnerships with hosts.


We primarily book Jack on Real Estate Investing podcasts, however we’ve also started to strategically work in some entrepreneur and internet marketing shows. (One of these hosts now wants to do Jack’s method!)

Jack asks hosts about an affiliate link. Some hosts aren’t interested, but one host did accept the affiliate offer and they were able to track 10 sales (of $1,500 each) from that one show!

For his call to action, Jack shares an opt in page or directs listeners to his free Facebook group. Jack’s Facebook group has thousands of people in it, many of them Jack’s students who actively do deals. Students share their land buying victories in this group, and that’s been a great way for new leads from podcasts to see social proof and become students and customers themselves.


Jack created $15k in sales after just one interview went live! After its initial release, the host replayed that episode, and Jack saw $6k come in again from that same episode. Jack created a specific link to track leads from podcast guesting, and in the last three months they have tracked $60k in sales! Not only have Jack and Michelle generated new clients, their appearances on podcast guesting has reactivated old leads from over five years ago. Podcast Guesting has allowed Jack and Michelle’s business to continue growing through an economic recession.

Jack and Michelle now estimate their ROI from podcast guesting is well over $150,000!

You can connect with Jack at or at his free FB group.

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