Kristen Bowen

Kristen Bowen

100% ROI After Only 4 Interviews!

About the Client

It took a complete health crash to lead Kristen Bowen to create Living the Good Life Naturally in 2002. Autoimmune issues and a series of failed surgeries left Kristen bedridden and depressed, with daily seizures. Through research and looking for outside the box solutions, she discovered that to regain her health she needed to build a strong foundation. That foundation included food as medicine and the number one building block for optimal health.

As Kristen’s health improved, she began to research and create natural bath and body products for herself, family, and friends with skin sensitivities. She began sharing her knowledge as she researched and found clean sources of whole food supplements and minerals, and Living the Good Life Naturally was created.


Kristen’s goals for podcasting include increasing awareness for her brand and touching base with clients who are ready to take a deeper step. Kristen also wanted to bring in new clients and educate them, as well as to spread her message to a wide audience!


Kristen’s target audience includes women entrepreneurs who are investing in their health, women who are disenfranchised with the medical world, and women who feel stuck.

We pitched Kristen to shows that focus on:

  • Women’s health
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Business growth
  • Overall wellness


Kristen saw half of her investment returned after just one podcast interview went live. Shortly following that, she saw 100% of her investment returned after only four podcast interviews!

Kristen says, “I am so glad I trusted my gut and signed up. July is typically our slowest month but not when I have Interview Connections on my team. Thank you everyone for helping me connect. I truly believe that when a woman wakes up feeling really good, she lifts those around her. I am dripping happy tears at all these new connections.”

You can connect with Kristen at her website!



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