Isaac and Natasha Ho

Isaac and Natasha Ho

Multiple High Ticket Clients Closed

Isaac Ho is a master sales and mindset coach and a sought-after health expert who helps entrepreneurs double to triple their income while having peace and ease inside and outside of their business. Isaac’s clients routinely sell $20k-$50k packages, and he helps clients make more sales by not only teaching them sales skills but by transforming their mindset, emotions and well-being


Natsha brought the idea of using podcasting to help grow their businesses to Isaac, and they invested in Interview Connections podcast booking services. Their primary motivation behind this decision was the opportunity to connect with hosts before and after they record interviews. Their booking team kept this in mind while finding shows to pitch them to!


Since their primary focus was to connect with the hosts, their Booking Team chose shows hosted by people who were Isaac and Natasha’s ideal potential client. Before each show, Isaac asked the host how he can best serve them and their audience. To hear more about what questions he asks the host, listen to this episode of our podcast.


By sharing stories with the hosts that were relevant to them, Isaac was able to build up trust and open up more authentic conversations with podcast hosts. After each interview, he asks hosts how it went and he uses this opportunity to invite them to have a follow up conversation. By leveraging this groom room chat, Natasha and Isaac have connected with multiple hosts who have become high ticket clients in their coaching businesses!



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