How Do I Ask a Guest to be on my Podcast?

In this episode, I teach how to craft the email request you will send when asking them to be a guest on your podcast. Some tips include:

  • Be friendly in your intro
  • Give them a brief description of your show
  • Tell them why you want them specifically for the show
  • Follow up if you don’t hear back.

Be sure to watch the whole episode because I included some funny bloopers at the end! […]

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3 of Podcasting’s Most Successful Info Marketers

In this episode, I talk about 3 steps to becoming a successful information marketer. In a ‘case study’ style episode, I talk about how Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, and John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire demonstrate these three steps incredibly well. Don’t miss this episode!

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How to NOT be a Clone Podcaster

Every day, there are new podcasts being added to iTunes that are clone podcasts. They ask the same exact questions to every interviewee and they have the same exact voiceovers and jingles as other shows. Quite frankly, there is nothing unique about them. If you have fallen into this trap or have hit a creative wall in your podcast, here are some tips to make you stand out!

An easy way to make your podcast stand out is to share your personal back story on your show. Do not be afraid to tell your story to your listeners even in the episodes in which you have guests. Weave it in to each episode so listeners are consistently learning more about you and building a stronger connection to you, the host. […]

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The Importance of Being an Authentic Podcaster

I got to interview my business coach… and Dad, Jim Palmer in this episode! We talk about how important it is to be an authentic podcaster and why doing interviews is one of the most important things you can do to connect to potential clients and grow your business.

Jim Palmer […]

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Interview Connections Highlights

Last week was another fantastic week in the world of Interview Connections podcasts. I was absolutely thrilled that my friend and client, Jason Silverman connected me with his guest last week, Michelle Lederman. Michelle was kind enough to hop on a Skype video call and chat for about 30 minutes with me! She is a wealth of information and energy and I immediately booked her on 4 of my client’s shows!

Listen to her interview on Jason’s podcast, which aired last Thursday. You can download the podcast at! […]

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Joining “Fire Nation”

I discovered Entrepreneur On Fire, an awesome podcast, about a month ago and am hooked. John Lee Dumas, the host, interviewed Barbara Corcoran and since infographic design is a part of Entrepreneur Support Services and is also something I enjoy doing, I decided to design an infographic for the E O Fire team on their Barbara Corcoran episode.

I have been overwhelmed by 1)how grateful John and Kate, his director of content creation, have been and 2) how generous they have been to post the infographic on their blog and social media! […]

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