How to NOT be a Clone Podcaster

rockthecast | May 29, 2014


Every day, there are new podcasts being added to iTunes that are clone podcasts. They ask the same exact questions to every interviewee and they have the same exact voiceovers and jingles as other shows. Quite frankly, there is nothing unique about them. If you have fallen into this trap or have hit a creative wall in your podcast, here are some tips to make you stand out!

An easy way to make your podcast stand out is to share your personal back story on your show. Do not be afraid to tell your story to your listeners even in the episodes in which you have guests. Weave it in to each episode so listeners are consistently learning more about you and building a stronger connection to you, the host.

For example, I cannot count how many times I have heard John Lee Dumas talk about that time he was riding in a car and he had no more podcasts to listen to. I think he has shared that story in 75% of the interviews he’s done! It’s no surprise to me, though, that John has a business earning 7 figures a year, and he has behind him a community of people who know, like, dare I say love and trust him! John is a perfect example of a podcaster who has been incredibly successful at having an interview based podcast, but has also been able to effectively attract people to him personally.

What stories do you have that you can tell that can help your listeners know, like and trust you? Tell them over and over again and you will quickly be known as a unique podcaster with a community of listeners who adore you for who you are and not just the guests you are associated with.

If you are struggling to be your authentic self in your podcast, then let me tell you about a quote I heard Dan Kennedy say at a conference for Glazer Kennedy Insiders Circle. He said, “You need to magnetically attract and forcibly repel.” Meaning, when you are your authentic self, you will magnetically attract your ideal listeners! You will also forcibly repel those who are not your ideal listeners, prospects and clients.  If you are trying to be the perfect podcast for everyone, you will be the perfect podcast for no one.

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