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Grow your List with Podcast Interviews

email-keyYou can be interviewed 10 times a month on various podcasts, share your story and give valuable, actionable content to thousands of people but if you are not planting seeds throughout your interviews and leaving listeners with a call to action, you won’t see a return on your investment.

What do I mean by planting seeds? Well, you have to think strategically about how you are responding to the host’s questions. For example, let’s say you wrote a book about Facebook marketing. The host asks you, “How can someone grow a large following on Facebook?” Instead of just giving the answer plain and simple, give the answer and mention “I wrote in my book about one business that got 5000 fans organically without any ads.”

See what I mean? By just saying “I wrote in the book” you’re not telling people to buy it, but you are subtly reminding the listeners that “Hey if you like what I’m saying, go buy my book for more info.”

Maybe you’re a podcaster and you want to share a story about one a guest you had on the show. Say, “I interviewed Joe Schmo last week on my podcast, “The Best Podcast Ever” and he gave an amazing tip about online marketing!” By naming your podcast in this story, you are planting the seed that “Hey, if you want to hear this episode, go listen to my podcast.”

In addition to planting seeds throughout your interview, you have to end your interview with a call to action. A call to action is NOT a pitch or an offer. My call to action is: “Check out my blog at EntrepreneurSupportServices.com and if you want to get interviewed on podcasts, I definitely recommend having a one sheet you can send podcasters. I have a free template you can download on any of my websites, just enter your name and email and you can make your one sheet in about 10 minutes.”

David Hooper, who is hosting an awesome new podcast called the RED Podcast with his partner Laurel Staples, was interviewed on the Do Over show with Matt Theriault. Matt was interviewing him about his book on masterminds. This book is for sale on Amazon but at the end of the interview, David told the listeners that they can get the book for free at his website! This stood out to me as an excellent strategy because this was a huge incentive to get listeners to visit David’s website, maybe join his list and follow him on social media. Well done, David.

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Interview Connections Highlights

Last week was another fantastic week in the world of Interview Connections podcasts. I was absolutely thrilled that my friend and client, Jason Silverman connected me with his guest last week, Michelle Lederman. Michelle was kind enough to hop on a Skype video call and chat for about 30 minutes with me! She is a wealth of information and energy and I immediately booked her on 4 of my client’s shows!

Listen to her interview on Jason’s podcast, which aired last Thursday. You can download the podcast at JasonMSilverman.com!


We all know John Lee Dumas, host of Entrepreneur on Fire and have likely heard an interview or two (or many!) about how Entrepreneur on Fire came to be what it is today. But who was John Lee Dumas before his podcast fame? Do you know how many times he failed before launching EOFire? Do you know why he failed? Do you know who he spends most of his time with and who he coaches with?

If you are a fan of Entrepreneur on Fire, then you have to listen to this interview with Matt Theriault and John Lee Dumas. Matt, one of Itunes top 100 podcasters, interviews John and asks the questions others have been too afraid to ask! You can download the episode at TheDoOverGuy.com.


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Interview Connections Highlights

Interview Connections books tons and tons of great guest interviews every month on various podcasts and internet radio shows.  Some of our favorite guest interviews that aired last week were:


Melanie Benson Strick was a guest on Jim Palmer’s Stick Like Glue Radio and they talked about how to get out of overwhelm, which is often a huge problem for entrepreneurs.  I learned a ton of great tips from this interview. The one nugget that has stuck with me is: Your work will expand to the hours you’re willing to work.  If you find yourself working 12 hour days, then you will create enough work for yourself to take up 12 hour days! But if you commit to an 8 hour day, or less, you will force yourself to be productive enough in those 8 hours so that you can enjoy your life outside of work after 5pm! Listen to the interview here: GetJimPalmer.com.


Matt Theriault, host of Do Over (one of the TOP podcasts on Itunes!) interviewed one of my favorite entrepreneurs and authors, Bob Burg, last week.  Bob is the co-author of The Go Giver and the author of Adversaries into Allies.  The reason I loved this interview is because it wasn’t your typical podcast interview covering Go Giver laws, or main points of the new book.  Matt asked great questions about Bob’s career before becoming an entrepreneur and they had a great discussion about how sales skills are vital for entrepreneurs.  If you are a new podcaster, I highly recommend listening to Matt’s interview with Bob Burg not only for the content, but to learn from one of the most skilled interviewers I work with, Matt Theriault.  Listen at YourDoOver.com.