How Do I Ask a Guest to be on my Podcast?

In this episode, I teach how to craft the email request you will send when asking them to be a guest on your podcast. Some tips include:

  • Be friendly in your intro
  • Give them a brief description of your show
  • Tell them why you want them specifically for the show
  • Follow up if you don’t hear back.

Be sure to watch the whole episode because I included some funny bloopers at the end! […]

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Joining “Fire Nation”

I discovered Entrepreneur On Fire, an awesome podcast, about a month ago and am hooked. John Lee Dumas, the host, interviewed Barbara Corcoran and since infographic design is a part of Entrepreneur Support Services and is also something I enjoy doing, I decided to design an infographic for the E O Fire team on their Barbara Corcoran episode.

I have been overwhelmed by 1)how grateful John and Kate, his director of content creation, have been and 2) how generous they have been to post the infographic on their blog and social media! […]

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