Nile Nickel shares how he tracks his interview’s R.O.I.

When I was in Dallas, Texas at the GKIC Superconference, I met up with many of my favorite guest experts and podcasters, including Nile Nickel, a good friend of mine. I was lucky enough to do a quick interview with him on Interview Connections TV.

Nile is the expert behind, where he helps people to really leverage the power of LinkedIn, which is one of the most effective social media platforms for businesses. He is the host of a radio show called Social Media Business Hour which you can listen to live on Mondays at 7:00 Eastern Time on Life Improvement Radio. He’s also given over 300 interviews in the past year, so he really knows what it takes to be a great host as well what it takes to be a really informative and interesting guest. I asked him to share with us some tips on this topic. […]

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Providing Value in Your Interviews

In this week’s episode of Interview Connections TV, I interviewed James Malinchak, Big Money Speaker. James was featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire and every 6 months, he hosts a fantastic live event in Los Angeles; Big Money Speaker Boot Camp where he shows people how to become speakers.

James is an entrepreneur who stands out as someone who believes in providing immense value to his clients and to his followers. As a podcast guest, when you provide value to the listeners, you are building a strong foundation on which you can build profitable relationships in your business. […]

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How to be a great podcast host

A big mistake a lot of new podcasters make is they start the podcast focusing too much on how it’s going to get them new clients, grow their list and make them more of a celebrity. If this is your mindset, people will sense that and not feel the need to share your show on social media!

If you have guests on your show, make sure you put the spotlight all on them! Focus on their story, their expertise and their business. […]

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Attention Speakers: Are you doing podcast interviews?

Speakers tend to be on the road a lot speaking to live audiences. This takes great skill, confidence, and the ability to speak in public and connect with an audience. But between live events, when you’re home at your office, how are you getting exposure to hundreds and thousands of people?

With Stitcher radio being installed in several makes and models of 2014 of 2015 cars, podcasts are going to be accessible to the masses and will be listened to by thousands upon thousands of people. Entrepreneurs who host their own podcast and upload their show to Itunes and Sticher radio are always looking for guest experts who have valuable content to share with their audience. As a speaker, getting interviewed on these podcasts has the power to expose you to thousands of potential followers, prospects and clients. […]

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