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How to be a great podcast host

A big mistake a lot of new podcasters make is they start the podcast focusing too much on how it’s going to get them new clients, grow their list and make them more of a celebrity. If this is your mindset, people will sense that and not feel the need to share your show on social media!

If you have guests on your show, make sure you put the spotlight all on them! Focus on their story, their expertise and their business.

Another tip I have for being a great podcast host is when you first get on the phone with your guest before you actually hit ‘record’ let them know how you are going to structure the interview so they feel comfortable. If you are going to record the intro another time, make sure they know that when you start recording, you are going to jump right in with the first question. If you want them to stay on the line after you stop recording, let them know so they don’t hang up.

Have a guest on your podcast is just like having a guest in your home. Treat them well. Make them feel comfortable!

If you want to be remarked about, be a remarkable host!

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