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The Top 2 Best Ways To Promote Your Podcast Episodes On Social Media


Podcasts are so popular right now. They bring amazing content to your audience, they allow you to connect with other inspiring entrepreneurs, and they ultimately help build your business by growing your following.
That will ONLY happen though if you properly promote your podcast episodes and social media is a great, if not the best way to do that. As we are all visual creatures, graphics and images are hands down the best way to promote your podcast episodes on social media.

I follow and listen to a lot of podcasters and podcasts and one thing I see most is the guest’s headshot as the lead promotional graphic. This is great IF the guest is so well known that people see their face and know who they are. But some guests are the face behind a very well known brand or are an expert in an industry that your listeners want to know about BUT they may not recognize the guest’s face.

So, what kinds of graphics are best to promote your episodes?

1. The easiest way to promote your podcast episodes with graphics is to use what I call a ‘podcast promotional graphic (PPG).’ This kind of graphic is a simple collage with your headshot or podcast logo, your guest’s headshot or business logo and what your listeners can expect to learn in the interview. Here is an example of a PPG I made for my client, Jim Palmer, host of Stick Like Glue Radio:


This graphic was pinned 3 months ago and still gets repins on Pinterest and attracts new listeners to Stick Like Glue Radio. If the graphic used to promote this episode was just a picture of Amy Porterfield, some people would be drawn to it because she is very well known, but some people would ignore it because a picture of Amy does not communicate what people can expect to find behind the image!

2. The 2nd best way to promote your podcast is with a custom infographic. Show notes are a great way to capture info and links mentioned in the interview. Putting show notes into a custom infographic will BLOW YOUR LISTENERS AWAY! People love infographics and people love podcasts. If you put your show notes into an infographic, you will attract not only podcast listeners, you’ll attract infographic fans. Check out this custom infographic I made for an interview with Denise Griffitts ( It’s one of Jim Palmer’s most popular infographics and it is continually repined, and draws in new listeners to Jim’s podcast.


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