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Jumping through Hoops, or Working Together?

Have you ever felt like a podcaster is making you jump through hoops in order to be a guest on their show? When you’re busy running your business and getting interviewed several times per month, additional requests from hosts can feel like a burden. These requests may occur to you as hoops to jump through, when in reality, they are likely the very things that will help your interview be found by more listeners.

Let’s take a look at some of these hoops:

“Subscribe to my podcast”

A podcast host wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t ask you or anyone else they interacted with to subscribe! When more people subscribe, more people listen. Now, do you HAVE to subscribe? No. I don’t expect you to subscribe to every single podcast you appear on. Your phone would run out of storage pretty quickly! What you can do though, is download a couple episodes, listen, and if you like show and want to keep listening, then subscribe.

“Rate and review my podcast on iTunes”

Podcast hosts may ask you, as their guest, to leave a rating and review on iTunes for a couple of reasons. First, they want your feedback! By listening and leaving a review, you can leave your honest opinion about what you like and don’t like about their podcast. That being said… if you’re about to be interviewed on their show, I’d keep it to positive reviews only!

Second, by leaving a review on iTunes, you may help their podcast rise in the rankings. It’s worth mentioning that there is no clear science on how shows are ranked in iTunes, but many hosts believe that reviews help their chances of being found by more listeners. And let’s face it, you want more listeners to hear your interview, right?!

“Follow me on social media!”

Podcast interviews are all about building relationships with other entrepreneurs in your industry! Following the hosts on social media isn’t a hoop you have to jump through, it is an opportunity to build your network, deepen your relationship with them and stay on their radar.

“Promote your interview on social media and to your email list”

To fully leverage the power of podcast interviews, you should absolutely be promoting your appearances! I’m not saying you have to spam your email list or be constantly sharing your interviews on social media, but what I am saying is that promoting your interviews will help you see more results because it helps position you as an in demand expert to your current followers.

So remember, when you help podcast hosts grow their audience, they will help you grow your’s!

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