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5 Things You Need To Be a Bookable Guest

need-to-be-a-bookable-guestHere at the Interview Connections offices we’re experiencing a lot of exciting growth in the business and every day our sales team is meeting with ambitious entrepreneurs who want to get booked for podcast interviews as a guest expert! Below are 6 things you need to be a great podcast guest!

  1. Use a business email address with your domain name. Refrain from emailing with your gmail or Hotmail account.
  2. Get a one sheet and press page together and use a professional headshot. By having a press page you’ll make it super easy for podcasters who find your website to judge if you are a good fit for their show. Also, make sure it’s brain dead easy for people to contact you. Don’t rely on a web form alone. Have a real email address and a real phone number so real people can contact you. Watch this episode of Interview Connections TV to learn what you should have on your one sheet.
  3. Create your own content and post regularly. If you expect to present your expertise to someone else’s audience, you should already be presenting it to your audience. If you blog, podcast and do videos, you’ll be way more qualified for podcast interviews than the majority of people pitching hosts.
  4. Have a social and active online presence. Make sure your Facebook business page, Twitter profile and LinkedIn page are active and you are regularly interacting with people. If you ‘don’t have time’ for social media, hire a social media manager. I was pretty resistant to doing this for a long time but when I had my second baby in August, there was NO time to post on social media and what’s the point in creating content if you’re not going to share it with the world? So, I hired someone to manage my social media, create awesome graphics and actively promote my content. I’m still the person who responds to comments and message with people but I make sure my accounts are active by outsourcing this task.
  5. Create a free irresistible offer that you can gift to the audiences who hear an interview with you. It could be a free video series, a special report, or a simple checklist that helps listeners implement what they learned from you in your interview.

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