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Don’t Be a Guest Just Because It’s Easier

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In this episode I talk about why it’s important to host a podcast and NOT be a guest because it’s ‘easier’. I saw this article ( and while I totally agree that being a guest on podcasts is a great strategy, if you do it because it’s the ‘easy’ way to leverage the power of podcasting, you are missing out.

Hosting a podcast is hard work but when you host your own show, you own that media. When you are a guest on other podcasts, you do not own that media. That audience does not belong to you. You are a guest on those shows and play by someone else’s rules. When you host your own podcast, you make your rules and also have the freedom to promote your services and products, while pitching is a no no on other people’s podcasts.

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One thought on “Don’t Be a Guest Just Because It’s Easier

  1. Agree. Obviously, there are advantages to being on a podcast owned by somebody else, but it’s not a replacement for having something of your own. Same applies to your mailing list, website, etc. I know hundreds of musicians who lost years of work with sites like and MySpace changed format.

    Bottom line — control your stuff.

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