How Pregnancy Has Impacted My Business [F.O.C.U.S.]

rockthecast | May 31, 2015


My son, Nathan, holding a photo of his sister, Lucy.

In November 2014, my family and I found out we were expecting our second child in August! Back when Nathan was a newborn, I was just starting my business; it too was a newborn. Like Nathan, it needed a lot of focused attention, but it slept a lot since I only had a couple clients.

With this pregnancy, I’m running a six figure service based business that is very labor intensive. Meaning, when we take on new clients one of two things must happen: I either personally need to work more hours to serve our new clients or I need to hire more people (invest!) who I can train to serve my clients.

I knew that when August came I’d have another newborn and a two and a half year old so I would need to be in a position where I was not only making good money to keep supporting the family, but I could also step back from the business to enjoy the newborn days without slowing down business growth.

So, I made a commitment: in 2015 I would F.O.C.U.S.: follow one course until success. This is a lesson I have heard repeatedly from John Lee Dumas. If you’ve heard just one of his podcasts you’ve likely heard him talk about what it means to focus! I committed to not launching any new services, new products and I wouldn’t write any new books. No shiny objects! My one and only priority would be, and has been, to perfect the services we currently offer at Interview Connections and to hire and grow a team that can serve my clients.

As I look back at just the last six months, the results of me have been incredible:

-My monthly revenue has nearly doubled
-I’m working less hours
-I have a dream team of guest bookers
-I have a program manager who handles new client intake and closes sales like a pro with prospective clients.

I felt a nudge this week to share with you my personal story from the last 6 months to emphasize how important I believe it is to stay focused. When I work with podcasters at Interview Connections, I coach them to stick with it: follow one course until success. Seeing success with a podcast takes time and it takes consistency. Don’t change your show name after a few months, don’t come up with new formats and new artwork. Follow one course until success!

When you commit to growing your business by leveraging the power of being a guest on podcasts, be persistently consistent. Don’t do 3 interviews and give up because you didn’t land a new client. Keep perfecting your message and improving your interview skills. Keep nurturing the relationships you create with the hosts and the listeners who are meeting you.

If I’m being completely honest with you, I’m not sure I would have experienced this kind of growth this fast had I not become pregnant again! It’s amazing what having an important and urgent deadline will do for your motivation!

Don’t worry… I’m not telling you to get pregnant if you want fast growth! What I am suggesting is that you set a BHAG (a BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL!) goal with a firm deadline and work like hell to meet it!

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